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Young riders, where are they?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Today we had a perfect, for winter, riding day, so we did the usual thrash up gorge road, and the stop at the popular cuddly creek cafe.

    This place is always busy with mbikes.

    60,s bonneville
    Ducati diavel
    2 firestorms
    10 harleys
    2 70's ducatis

    Average age of all riders there. 45-55 years old

    Where are the young guys riding?
  2. too busy on facebook maybe?

    but yeah i often think of the same thing
  3. Since they reduced the speed limit up Gorge rd I suspect the younger guys have gone elsewhere. 80kph is ok for us old geezers but I doubt a young buck on a 1000 cc bike would find it very entertaining. The boys in blue are there ad nausium.
  4. I went for a ride over through Daylesford and Trentham and back via Kyneton. I saw 1 Triumph Sprint, 1 Honda Gold Wing, 1 Suzuki GSR600 and 4 Harley Davidsons. Not a huge number but it was later in the afternoon between 3pm and 5pm so a lot of the Melbourne riders had probably already headed back to the big smoke.

    From what I could see not one of the riders would have been under 40 and most looked over 50.
  5. Young guys all killed themselves going too fast maybe
  6. A group of us (5 bikes) went for a ride uptown for a lunch and poke round Acland St. Same deal, didn't see many young riders....which was quite odd seeing how it was such a lovely day. Perhaps the young folk went on "virtual rides" on their computers and left the fair dinkum riding stuff up to older generation. :):)
    BTW..I can recommend the Village Belle Hotel.(cnr Barkly and Acland Sts) Top food and not too expensive.
  7. The sad thing is that the take up by young road riders does not seem to be as high as it once was. Young off road riders are a far faster growing group. Not much info but from a 2007 study: Psychological and social factors influencing motorcycle rider intentions and behaviour

    Haworth, Smith et al. (1997) collected comparative information from motorcyclists riding in the
    same Melbourne areas and at the same time of day that a previous crash had occurred (as part of a
    case-control study), thereby providing a sample of what may be interpreted as ‘normal road use’ by
    motorcycle riders in that area. Although 1195 control riders were included in the study, only 563
    were spoken to by the researchers. The other 632 did not, or could not, stop safely to provide
    information. Of the 563 interviewed, age information was collected from all except one. The age
    breakdown of the participants showed 22% were under the age of 25 years, 47% were aged between
    25 and 34 years, and 31% were aged 35 years or older. Although Haworth, Smith et al. suggest that
    this sample may be biased by an over-representation of recreational riders on smaller capacity
    bikes, it still appears to be one of the best estimates of the age distribution of riders currently
    available in Australia.
    Krige’s (1995b) sample of 200 Australian motorcyclists included 29% under the age of 25 years,
    15% were aged between 25 and 29 years, a further 15% aged 30-34 years, 17% aged 35-39 years,
    and 25% aged over 40 years of age. Interestingly, in Krige’s sample, 19% of the under 25 year olds
    were female.
  8. Well when I was a kid, there were young guys riding up the streets everywhere. Those same guys have all done the get married thing....have kids, the kids now older, and they are all back on the bikes again.....riding bonnevilles and harleys etc. 70's ICON bikes.
  9. No half decent riders ride up the over policed,cage blocked Gorge Rd. and then sit at a cafe looking at their bikes.
    The Gorge Rd is now infested by go slow idiots on cruisers .

    Wouldnt a happened in my day.
  10. would you seriously want to live in SA if you were young ?
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  11. Its a different world now mate. In the 70's and 80's Adelaide roads were deserted after midday on Saturday.

    After a nice ride along one of the nicest roads in sa,....I can't think of anything nicer than speaking to other riders about their bikes, over a cuppa. That list at beginning of thread had some hot road bikes included as well, not just cruisers.

    We are just beginning our mike experience. We don't need 1mm chicken strips to enjoy a big day out on our bikes.
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  12. I'm young and I'm here
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  13. in smurf years maybe.
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  14. There were a lot of under 30 riders at Lorne Pub today. Group of close to 100 with good 75% under 30.

    A fundraiser for a young blind girl to go to Disneyland.
  15. :rofl:
  16. Plenty of riders I see out my way are of the younger generation (like myself). Maybe us youngin's just don't like Adelaide? haha
  17. i don't know about the rest of us young riders but i was sleeping off a night of clubbing
  18. We're at the track!!

    Too many cops these days...
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  19. ....i generally don't stop at cafe's? side of the road smoke n drink from backpack is good enough?
    if i wanted to have a teaparty inbetween ride's i'd get a side-car for my great grandma
  20. Older people like to stop for a cup of tea and a wee.

    Younger people have stronger bladders and don't need to stop.

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