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Young Rider wanted for Radio interview/iscussion this afternoon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BanzaiElise, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Triple J's hack program is looking for someone aged btw 18-30, a passionate motorbiker who can talk about the benefits for their current affairs program Hack this afternoon.

    All week they are doing a series called "Behind the wheel" and today they want a discussion between a driver, a bicyclist and a motorcyclist.

    Contact them by email on hack@abc.net.au with the subject line "panel discussion: motorbikes"

    Program is at 5.30 sydney time this afternoon. The guest could be in any ABC capitol city radio studio. eg Soutbank in Melbourne or Brisbane.

  2. send a PM to chef, he can have some fun with this
  3. Hopefully a rider with some intelligence....
  4. I'm sure he'll be flattered you think he's in that age group ;)
  5. Heard them talking about it before, but the segments called "who owns the road", i can see this going the wrong way fast...
  6. Whoever it is, ADMIT NOTHING, and stay on message just like a politician.
    (If the question is loaded, just change the subject).
  7. ^ what he said^
  8. I heard about this segment coming up, think it happens around 5:30pm in Sydney/Melbourne?

    I am a rider, cyclist and motorist. They all have their place and need to account for each other.

    Cycling especially shows me the impatience and arrogance of Sydney drivers.
  9. Received a email back from triple j that they have locked someone in for today, if you want to bring anything up in the discussion between 5.30-6pm EDST you can on 1300 0 555 36
  10. Just had a listen, very little talk about motorcycles - was pretty much down to car vs. bicycle.

    I'm not a fan of charging cyclists rego, the point was made that they cause far less wear on roads than cars. I would also argue that a significant shift towards cycling would reduce congestion and reduce health related costs since people would be fitter.

    I'm at a point where I have a motorcycle, car and bicycle. Do I really need all 3?

    A car is versatile and comfortable, plus I do long trips back home now and then, bicycle can't do that and my 250 isn't that comfortable. Bigger bike is on the cards...
  11. Yeah nothing new was brought up, just the same stuff rinsed, washed and repeated. But at least the motorcyclist brought up road attitude which is really the heart of all these problems.
  12. what will they charge 3 year olds rego to ride a trike nowadays?

    fu cken ****s

    these cyclists are cocky little cun ts though, coming from a lifelong rider
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  13. Yes, you need all three. Car for when you have to get stuff, take surfboard etc, don't feel like getting to work wet; motorbike for fun; bicycle for when you realise that your fat and have developed girly legs and need some exercise.
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  14. Love it!

    Yeah, I've come to the conclusion I need all 3. And not just that, I need a bigger bike. And a faster bicycle. My car is ok... for now.