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young pillions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by homer501, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. hey guys today i took my 7 year old out as pillion his first time he reaches the pegs and also able to hold the webbing strap with handles that went around my waist. always 5 ks below limit left lane on freeway driving defensivly ie staying away from everything yet had a lot of people looking at me as if i was a murderer example the lady in one car with a disgusted look shaking her head and the 40 something guy that looked so hard he almost ran of road . ive got 19 years exp on bikes 15 in trucks 18 in cars over 1 million ks driven and ridden with no major acc . im wondering if it was because i was on a zx7r the boy had helmet denim jacket over leather and jeans he smiled all the way there and back only the young babes smiled at us was i doing the wrong thing taking my son out for his first ride as a pillion. also i think he smiled at every one as they went past

  2. Yeah, it's coz it was a sports bike.

    You'd just be a 'cool dad' if it was a cruiser.

    ... if anyone actually says anything to you, just say you're doing a favour for the Starlight foundation and the kid has cancer - that'll shut the nosy bastards right up.
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  4. i value my childs life but i would rather have him on the back learning than on a bike that i have no control over ie on amini bike in a paddock look what has happened recently whith kids not being properly supervised on bikes even supervised when they are in control you can only watch it unfold .i am anal i wont even let him sleep in his tent in the back yard unless i stay up all night . he had a helmet extra small it fitted perfectly
  5. Learning what? huh.

    How to ride your roadbike?
  6. no learning to respect the road and the other people on the road and the rules when we are in the car i always talk to him about the road rules and not to drive like all the young idiots we often see out there and how drink driving is bad. when something happens in the car ie hard braking or evasive action i explain it to him if he doesnt understand some thing he asks and i explain every thing deserves respect
  7. No worries..

    Always good to instill these into em at a young age. You can teach
    him all that w/out him being on the bike tho :?
  8. ye but i only plan on doing for two short 30 min rides a year also by being on the back he will also learn how at risk a bike can be so as a car driver he just might show some more respect for bike riders and the road going public in general
  9. learn this, learn that :roll:
    you are just trying to be a cool dad like me! :LOL:
  10. no need to try i am :grin: but the more you speak to your kids hopefuly some of it will sink in
  11. Man I don't think there's anything wrong with it. You're taking all the precautions, so what is wrong with sharing what you enjoy very much, with someone you think would enjoy it as much as you, or even more? As for the disgusted looks, tell 'em to eff off, or just ignore the morons who don't realise that most of them are doing much more to put their kids in harm's way by having a pointless phone conversation while driving with them in the back, than you are while sharing a cool experience with yours.

    Then again I don't have kids heh.
  12. i think what ur doin is a great thing, my old man used to take me out on the farm on tractors and quads all the time till i could reach the pedals and i know that i learnt a lot from that.
    including how to pullup a 2wheel drive massey with a silage bale on the back popping a mono
    in driving 5 years on road and track plus another 8 years in the paddock never had a major but it was my dads "rules" and wise words that have probably prevented most bingles

    good work keep it up
  13. Don't worry mate, your doing the right thing. The people you quote of are the same text book zygotes who are probably in post menapausal denial and have shares in Centro group causing them a short fall of carrots to shove up their backsides.

    Let them be. :LOL:
  14. Those that gave you a look are probably the same people who let their kids ride their pushbikes without a helmet, or swim in a pool unsupervised. Smile at 'em. That usually infuriates them even more. And you're giving them some dinner party conversation at their next Killjoys Anonymous meeting.
  15. ha ha ! :LOL:

  16. +1

    Sad but true
  17. +2 Centro died, now all these plebs will band together and ring the ACA and pass some more nanny legislation through,

    oh well, seems like one of the netrider group will have to start up a poltical party :-k
  18. Dont worry Homer, there are plenty of people out there who have no idea. I have had nothing but support when I take the boys out on the bikes. Even have people taking photos with their cameras when they come alongside, and the thumbs up. The boys think they are celebrities.

    It has opened up a new world to them. To be able to come out and enjoy my passion (which is also theirs now). We go out to places they would never see and the smiles on their faces are just worth it



    In fact, when we go out on a group ride, the boys get shared around. They think it is fantastic to travel on all the different bikes

  19. i reckon i'll put em on soon :)

  20. This little bloke is raring to go :grin:
    He already has all the gear, just waiting for him to grow into the smallest size helmet that they make. He has a brand new bike in the shed(in a crate) that he hasn't seen yet, cos he'd chuck a huge tanty if he saw it and wasn't allowed to ride it. If its got an engine, he loves it, bikes, boats, ride on mowers, anything. We rode around the backyard with him on the tank of my bike on Xmas day, everytime we stopped he would rock back n forth trying to make the bike go again, if only I could figure out how to stop him pushing buttons, the horn was going flat out, hazard lights, and even the cut out switch a couple of times :LOL: