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young guy + big bike = shitting it on insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by harris__6, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. hey guys thinking of upgrading either to .6L or 1L, im young not even old enough to be eligble for no claim discount :( but havent made a claim

    would love to get full compo but am i kidding myself, and anyone up for a ballpark figure on say a 10,000 bike?

    this is goingto sting :(
  2. From a company which offers insurance, will your answer come, young Jedi.

  3. With some bikes, and some insurers - probably pretty close to the value of the bike. That's if they'd insure you at all.
  4. a 1986 naked 600 rustbucket?

    or a 2009 Ducati 1098S?

    give me a ballpark bike, then you might get a ballpark figure...
  5. like i said about 10,000 dollar bike

    so guys they wont even cover theft or fire? :(
  6. but who is "they"?

    you gotta ring around to get quotes and whether they cover fire and theft

    something like QBE
  7. Are you even on your full license yet buddy?
  8. At 18, one would hope not :shock:

    Removal of Arms and Legs generally do :p
    This really is not the place to get an accurate answer. Give a few Insurance companies a call.
    PS: make sure you are sitting down
  9. Faired bikes cost more to insure. Young folk should just suck it up, bend over and get ready for the pineapple of pain when inquiring about full comp insurance.
  10. well considering for a late 20's rider with a litre bike with no claims ever, rating one, shopping around for the best quote they can would pay ~$1k-$1.6k... i'd expect well and truly over 3 grand a year for your circumstance at a minimum
  11. Would you consider riding without insurence cover?

    At the rates you'll be quoted first up, you'll be paying enough to buy your bike all over again in a few years.
  12. :eek:

    Not sure where you guys are getting quotes from....
    Early 20's, 1 claim, lots of fines, faired 800, $800 a year full comp, 4k worth of gear cover....

    Western QBE :)
  13. They are talking about insuring a late model sports bike though....
  14. Correction, 2009 Ducati 1198S, no more 1098.
    But still whatever bike, 18 is young and i say the premium is gonna hit the roof. Im 22 and i got a quote on a new 1000 sportsbike, it was somewhere between $3000-4000 premium!!! WTF!! I mite put it under my brother who's over 25 :cool:

  15. And while your at it, don't waste money on a helmet or gear. Shorts and a T shirt is as good as anything.
  16. will be in 48 days i think it is
  17. All the insurance snobs are fine when they say "You can't afford the insurance, you can't afford the bike". Rubbish. I work in motorbike insurance for a living and I don't have full comprehensive.

    It'll be pretty bad mate, and impossible until you have your full licence. If you really want a go fast bike, and really want insurance, like others have said look at something naked like a Hornet.

    Tim, watch out. If the bike is insured under someone else's name and you're the registered owner it's against many companies guidelines. You'd want to read your PDS. It'd be a shit of a thing to spend all that money and it to be declined when it comes to claim time.
  18. im 21 and got a 04 gsxr1000.

    just bought full comp insurance yesterday. most expensice quote was $4900 cheapest was $2400 with GIO. covers bike for $11600, but only covers $500 worth of gear.
  19. As one of those snobs I offer this simple piece of advice.

    You must have 3rd party as a minimum. Who knows what you might hit. Fire & Theft are important if you can't afford to replace the bike if the worst happens.

    As far as fully comp goes I think it depends on two things.

    If you are paying the 10 grand in cash out of your savings and you can afford to replace or fix the bike out of your own pocket then go ahead and don't have insurance.

    If you are financing the bike with any sort of loan or credit then insurance is a must. I could think of nothing worse than having to keep making payments on a bike I could no longer ride or afford to fix. Most finance companies will make you insure it anyway or secure the loan with something.
  20. A base example with IMR showed $4400 for full comp and $780 for theft.
    Just grabbed a quick quote from the www.insuremyride.com.au website.
    This was based on a 2001 Ducati Monster 904 ($9,900 market value).