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Young Female Newwwbeee

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by michele dunstan, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. hi i'm shell
    new here
    just sayin hello ;)
    and seeing what tips are out here
    for me
    so if you are a ride rider
    pls feel free to say gday

  2. G'day y,all.
  3. Welcome but please do not post in colour or your posts will be removed in future.
    Colour is for emphasis only, thanks for your understanding.
  4. Are you hot?
  5. Hey bud, welcome.
  6. hi shell apoligies
  7. Hi Michele and welcome. Try and get down to Saturday morning practice, some great people there with great advice. You also talk to people who are also lovers of bikes:).
  8. Shes female and a rider, automatic hotness :).............

    Oh and welcome to the mad house.
  9. Welcome to NR
  10. Appologising already? You're in fine form.

    Welcome Michele, +1 for Sat practice. Meet folk and learn stuff.
  11. Welcome to NR!