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Young entrepreneurs tell Australians to HTFU

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25072105-36437,00.html

  2. Haha - crazy kids!

  3. Slow news day I guess, none of those stories are particularly amazing.
  4. WOW!!! $25,000 a year, soon when mummy stops paying their way they can move into packers old house :LOL: :LOL:
  5. ...and then they will enter the real world. The little smart arses.
  6. I wouldn't turn down $300K p.a.!
  7. good on em, when I was in my teens all I cared about is trying to get laid. If I had half the determination of these kids I might have even succeeded.:LOL:
  8. i can barely be bothered with the job i have let alone starting my own business....little bastards
  9. That reminds me, I think there's something I should be doing right now :LOL:
  10. OK, I checked his site out.
    He has some chinese knockoffs of iPod shuffles, and some 2nd hand Nintendo games for sale.

    I doubt he's the success story we are meant to believe he is.
  11. Perception is reality. If you can convince enough people that you are wealthy... you are!

    I mean, a whole generation of New York merchant bankers can't be wrong...

    ...can they?

    Good on 'em, but I've worked for many, many clients who made lotsa money overnight, but were bankrupt when the tide went out a bit later on. That's the real test.
  12. A bit off topic , but here goes ...
    Do you guys think entrepeneurs are born with their ability to be succesfull or do you think an entrepeneur can be made. I am of the opinion that you need a certain flare and foresight added to an ability to "sell" your ideas to others to become a Richard Branson and Mike Jarocki :p
  13. What the hell is wrong with the young people today?!? Seriously! The other day I heard a 19 year old saying she thought about going to travel overseas but she might put down a deposit on a flat instead...

    I despair for the future of this world, the society of ruthless little robots unable to see or think of anything beyond their material possessions.
  14. QFTT.
  15. Every time I meet a young "entrapeneur" I find someone who is being bankrolled by mummy and daddy.
    Shit, I made $25k my first year in a business I started for $1k with NO help from anyone. It's really not hard to do.
    Plus the tax breaks when you aren't really making money and self employed are pretty good too! :grin:
    Well, they were before anti capitalist Labor were voted in. Euqal pay for everyone, no matter how little work they do.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. hey if you can live with yourself knowing you're ripping people off then go ahead, show off to the paper how much of an 'entrepreneur' you are

    do you really want your legacy to be buying cheap plastic garbage from third world countries and selling it to people who don't really need it for 100% profit?

    no thanks!
  17. Are you serious???? Youve just named pretty much every profitable company that has ever existed. Ever bought yourself a pair of shoes? lol. How about the speakers sitting next to your PC screen?

    Ask yourself, who is the stupider of the two? The person making a good living on selling a product that people dont need, or the person buying the product that they dont need?? lol

    Very few people on this planet get rich doing something they love.
  18. Speaking of things Tax I hope they've got their GST side of things covered and other tax items as the ATO will already be looking into it :roll:
  19. Hmmm, I started a trades business turning out very high quality product using the best of materials. My advertising was purely word of mouth. Within six months I had a 4 week lead time for new jobs.....actually, I just saw a job I did 10 years ago and it was still excellent, in an industry where 4 years is regarded as a good life span.
    You don't have to rip people off and import cheap shit to make money, you just have to have something to sell that people want to pay for, and make more money than you spend.
    However, if you want to flip a business every two years, just import cheap shit and turn a profit for 12 months so the books look good, sell business and do it all again.

    Regards, Andrew.