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You'll never see the cops do this in Victoria or for that matter in australia

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Apr 25, 2011.

  2. That was f**king beautiful!!!
  3. Briliant - I'll bet the driver still wonders what it was all about though...
  4. Bwhahahaha love it! So correct!
  5. Frackin Gold!

    I wanna buy that cop a beer.
  6. On the aus.cars newsgroup there were two traffic cops, one of which had a website. On it he had a clip of him pulling this chap over and booking him for sitting on around 90 kays in the right lane.

    Yeah, more of that would be great. Especially with trucks and large trailer/caravan towers.
  7. Although its mighty tempting to wish for police to book slow pokes and barely moving rolling roadblocks, all it will do is add to the police arsenal and it will always blow back up in our faces.

    So no, I do not wish for that.
  8. With all those 'stay safe' ads over easter, surely targeted specific messages like reminding people to only stay in the outside lane whilst overtaking, keeping 3 second buffer zone, etc. would do alot more good than just saying 'do the right thing' (ie, dont speed)
  9. +1, when was last time we saw any advertisements that didn't involve speeding, drink driving and drug driving. I can relate after following some dumb biatch in the RH lane from Pakenham to Berwick this afternoon, clear left lane but as usual wouldn't move.

    A flash of the highbeams, still won't move. People on the roads today shit me to tears, if somebody is coming up behind you in the RH lane GTFO the way, common courtesy that would make the roads less frustrating, lessen congestion and IMO make them much safer too.
  10. Tonight on the South Rd extension in a 70 zone a woman driver sitting on 50 then she braked at one stage down to 40 for a small amount of water running over the road.

    Get off the road biatch!!!!!!
  11. good job there wasn't a bend too or she'd be down to 20
  12. mate, driving back from dubbo today along the Castlereagh hwy today, got stuck in a line of cars - I was about 20 back - crawling behind a caravan doing anywhere from 70 to 50 in a 100 zone and refused to pull over for at least 20k's, passed three rest stops in the process. He sure got some fire when he finally did. Someone swerved right at him as he got out of the car.