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You'll just need to take this short detour, Sir...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. So the day was sparkling, the road was perfect and completely devoid of traffic, the Ten Mile was deserted and only the forlorn sight of the burnt-out Halfway House cast a damper on the day, until...

    Rc and myself were returning from an overnight visit to friends in Newcastle, and were heading back to Sydney via Cessnock, Broke and the Putty Road. I learned to ride on the Putty over 30 years ago, but I can't remember a time when I rode it better than yesterday; the Ten Mile was deserted, the surface perfect, and all the instincts that cause you to go into a corner slower seemed to have stayed at home; although anyone here could ride it better and faster, and probably has, it was a magic few moments.

    The Garland Valley Roadhouse, is, indeed, burned out. Very sad, and, I suspect, this may signal its end. With virtually no constant trucking on the Putty, I doubt a roadhouse can sustain itself on weekend tourism and motorcycle patronage. All they would need would be a few wet weekends, and they'd be going broke.

    So we rushed headlong down to the Colo River and .... screeched to a stop at a Police roadblock just after the bridge on the uphill climb. Someone had been killed a bit further on, and the road was closed. The constable said that he thought that we could turn right and follow the river along, and then turn left and the road should bring us out on Bells Line of Road, somewhere.

    So we did. If you look for Upper Colo Road on Google maps, you will see the road. You'll also see that Comleroy turns off it to the south, and joins the road into Kurrajong many kilometres south. But the turn-off is anything but clear, and, despite what we eventually found out, the Colo River Road appears to be the major road.

    As you can see from the map, however, it ain't!!! We arrived, confused and terrified at the gate of a property, having negotiated an increasingly narrow, rough and almost impassable few kilometres, all this on road bikes, of course, and me on the Hornet with a little 16" front wheel that chucks a wobbly (literally) on any sort of broken surface.

    Luckily on retracing our steps, we met up with a kindly local who navigated us to the turn-off to the Comleroy Road, and then proceeded to take off at great speed in his four-wheel drive. "It's a fire-trail', he said, 'You'll be fine'.

    er, yeah, it sure is :shock:

    All you adventure-riders, head out to Comleroy Road; it's like four Macquarie Passes strung together, and every possible permutation of dirt all in the one place :shock: If it was tarred it would be simply amazing, but the longer it went on (and the lower my fuel level got) the more stressful it became.

    Eventually we arrived on tar, and made it home, and it really didn't ruin the day, but as a detour, it's right up there with the best of them :LOL:.

  2. Word, brother.

    And I monstered the 10 mile, too. Best I've ever ridden it. Love them new PP's! :wink:
  3. looks like fun, never be afraid of the dirt hornet, it slides with you when you come off... not like that nasty asphalt....
  4. was driving home yesterday from the city on the m4 about midday and every sign i saw said putty rd closed, told my mrs, thats a bike for sure..

    any idea paul??
  5. I know all about it, and yes it was, but in keeping with the Ts&Cs I'm not posting about it.
  6. We hit that section of road about 2 mins before the police and ambulance arrived.... it was pretty confronting...

    Sounds like you and me did the same thing Mr Hornet... that road was scarey as all sh!t.... i cant believe i didnt drop my crusier on a couple of the hair pins and the layers of dirt the tyres were sinking into... defintely an interesting experience... Really was a lovely lady though that was showing us the way, she just didnt realise it was dirt for so long, or that it would be an issue for bikes.. she kept stopping to make sure we were ok behind her, and that she would go as slow as we wanted her too...

    Next time, i will convince the lads to head to singleton and take a very long journey home.
  7. Rode Singleton - Wollongong this afternoon. Weather fine and warm. Despite lots of folk at Bulga, traffic was very light on the Putty, the road is in top condition, and I can't wait to have another crack sometime soon :grin:

    The Ten Mile is an awesome piece of road. Worthy of respect though.
  8. Ralph, if we had known what lay ahead of us we might have turned around too, but with the Halfway House burned down, and my tank just about to tick over to reserve, we had no choice.

    It's not a ride I'll hurry to do again, that's for sure :LOL:.
  9. go'an trade the cibber for a bmw!
  10. EPIC nicely done!
  11. more practice for the next melbourne run paul.
  12. Nice one Paul. You should have thrown in Colo Heights Road as well; some great scenery there :p .

    Last time I went along those roads I encountered a crazy mofo getting his Hilux sideways through the corners. He was on the other side of a small rise, so the only warning I got was a rising dust cloud. I managed to pull over in time just before he went flying past me (in the opposite direction). :shock:
  13. So did you take the fire trail through to Mountian lagoon or the Comelroy road to the putty?

    also the road going east at the river takes you to Wisemans ferry, if you know the way through. Would be hard work on a sports bike however.
  14. We were heading south on the Putty when we came upon the road closure, so we took the Blaxlands Ridge Road (that's the one that eventually ran out at a farm gate because Comleroy isn't signposted well and we were too busy trying to survive the gravel on sports bikes to notice things like signs). Thanks to the nice guy in the 4WD who'd also got treed, we found the Comleroy and headed west along it, coming out (eventually) at Kurrajong Heights and then to Kurmond on the BoR.

    Great fun, I'd imagine on an adventure bike, but a real trial on road bikes with two riders who hate the gravel anyway.
  15. Life's full of irony. Hornet posts about a cop that didn't give a shit and quietman posts about a guy who gives it away with gusto.
    :LOL: :LOL:
  16. yes, the cop DID say that you could go east as well, but either way he didn't know anything about the result. And with my bike on low fuel we 'tossed a coin' and did the Comleroy Road.

    There's a river crossing about two-thirds way along, and a fully set-up picnic ground, but you'd need to be a mountain goat to get to it :shock: :LOL:.