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QLD Youi insurance any good?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Relax, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. So I am getting quotes for full insurance as I'm possible buying a 2013 zx6r abs in the next week or so and one of the companies I got a quote from was Youi and they were able to offer me $1999.25 for the year... Next closest is IMR (insure my ride) at $33xx.xx for the year...

    But something just doesn't feel right with Youi, has anyone had any experiences with them? Good or bad?

  2. read the PDS very, very carefully. We had our house contents insurance with youii and only realised some things weren't covered when we needed to make a claim. It may be fine, but there is a reason they are cheap.

    we've always found QBE good value for the bikes
  3. Yea that's the feeling I get, things usually are cheap for a reason...

    Like I said te cheapest online quote besides YouI has been IMR at $3300 for the year...

    P.S. I'm 20 turning 21 so that doesn't help my situation...
  4. my boyfriend just changed his insurance FROM IMR to Youi after IMR were going to put his premium UP after using them for 12 months.

    He's riding a 2011 MV Agusta Brutale RR.

    Youi were cheaper and allowed for monthly payments where as IMR was all up front.

    i DID raise concerns as to the fact they were so much cheaper - took us a little while to negotiate adding a 2nd rider etc, guess we won't find out till we make a claim eh!
  5. $2K plus! Wow, glad I'm not 20 anymore (well actually, I'd pay far more than that to be 20 again, lol)

    I have comprehensive with Youi, but I only pay $290 a year and the bike is valued more than the excess is, plus they cover your clothing and helmet in a crash.

    My advice is not to pay the online quote, Youi quoted over $400 a year, but when I called them, they knocked it down to $290.

    I've never had to make a claim with them so cannot provide feedback on if they actually payout...
  6. Agree on ringing them. My brother rang them and when he told them that Insuremyride was much cheaper, they offered him a new price that was cheaper than Insuremyride. They even gave him the fact that he was on my parents car insurance as having his own insurance previously so it was cheaper.
  7. Yea they called me and got me the figure after some negotiation.
  8. I can't say what they are like through a motorcycle claim, But in a house claim... ALARM BELLS.

    I have had experience with one of there staff who tells some horror stories. Plus a recent fire claim where they had the building insurance and another company had the contents. Fire was checked out by Firies and an independent fire investigator and given the reason of a faulty power point. Contents started making payments within days, Youi advised that they could not help the customer out with any temp accomodation in the mean time because they hadn't had a meeting internally yet to discuss the claim and might not for a week or two.

    Don't know the full circumstances, but when you have a valid claim like that and are in need, you would hope they would be there to help.

    I would hope they would be quicker and easier to use on a motorcycle/car claim though.
  9. I've never had a problem with Swann. I quoted with QBE (my ute is insured with them) but the saving wasn't worth it to swap.
  10. Yea I talk to a swann rep for Kawasaki Insurance and they got it from $4200 to $2900 which seem dear but alright I guess considering I payed $2500 for my Ninja 300 (got jipped on that!)
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    We were with them here with the car when they first started, they were 50% of our charges with GIO. After about 3 years with them their rates were pretty much inline with GIO, so we went back & got a discount... Car, bike & house are all with GIO now.

    Never had to claim with Youi, but if the price difference is that big, it might be worth a crack.
  12. Try Qbe mate, cheapest I found but I am 40
  13. I always found youi to be the most expensive, despite claims on TV to be the cheapest. I never bother quoting with them now.
  14. I got cheap but what made me feel uneasy is when you the online quote they don't give you a number instead they have someone call you and try to sell it to you on the spot.
  15. They are called youi because that is what they do when you try to get near them with a claim.
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  16. All put on hold now as the dealership haven't got any ZX6R ABS in stock and won't be till Jan...

    But one thing I've learnt is that it helps to call up rather than just go on a online quote as most were happy to give me some sort of discount :)
  17. Can't remember if it was Youi or some other budget insurer but I rang to get a quote once and the gronks asked me like 100 questions and saved the qualifying questions for last because someone structured their questions back to front. So after spending 20-30 minutes in a phone interview, at the end they decided to ask whether I had ever had any motor vehicle policies refused or cancelled. I said yes because on occasion I was unable to renew a policy and he goes "sorry, our system says we cannot cover you".

    Just to rub it in some more, it turns out the policy that was cancelled by the previous insurer was due to the fact that insurer decided to issue new policies via brokers only and no longer wanted to deal with end customers.

    I think QBE ended up being cheapest from memory.
  18. left youi earlier this year becsuse i got a better
    feal bundled.
    i let it lapsed and told them i no longer wanted it.

    then the drsmas begun , harrasment , phone calls
    -lots , over due bills
    lots of phone calls and bs they just wouldnt take the hint so
    i will NEVER go back..
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  19. btw sgic bundled with house and car
    was the best price for me.

    dunno if they pay and its only a basic comp
  20. All insurance is the same..health, car, bike...anything! They are not in the business of paying out so the risk is all on YOU as to what YOU want covered. Just like casino's...they're not built on 'winners' are they!

    Thats why you need to check VERY carefully just what each bike insurance company offers, but more importantly...what they DON'T!
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