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NSW Youi car insurance - are they for real

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robbie55, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Answered 10000 questions on the Youi site only to end up with a significantly higher quote than my current insurer.

    Then I get a call this morning saying that if I answer more questions they might be able to bring it down further, but I have to fax three forms of ID prior. Explained that I can't be bothered doing that for a quote and they are $500 off the pace in any event ($1355 Youi - $855 Bingle) then were shocked that I didn't want to do it.

    Does anyone actually use them? Who can be bothered?

  2. BINGLE = AAMI...there is a reason it's cheap!
  3. When you don't pay out you don't need to charge much.:roll:

    Youi's advertising sounds like they are micro-managing their risk assessments. They probably only want the super-low risk customers (which kinda undermines the whole concept of insurance). Maybe something in your application flagged red and they don't want your business?
  4. it's all marketing to suck in the suckers
  5. Been with Youi for over a year, switched when the wife & I were both riding bikes mainly, not using the car much, price was half of GIO.

    The wife went back to using the car 5 days a week due to family commitments, price went up a little (about $5 per month IIRC) still a lot cheaper.

    That said, we've never had to claim, so I can't comment on that side of things.
  6. Same experience. I think Youi only works if you don't use your car. That's indicated in the adds anyway.

    I also went Bingle. Two years now.
  7. We are super low risk customers - use the car only 5 days a fortnight to go to work (14k trip there and back), park in lock up garage - my wife and I have never received a ticket in over 20yrs driving/riding - never made a claim - never been charged with anything - its a walk up start. I did speak to one insurer and they said because the car is turbo it is more than what other similar ones are but FFS its a VW Passat - hardly a hoon mobile.

    On a better and slightly unrelated note my bike rego was due $400 CTP with GIO ($200 less than anyone else) and in the same call they did the rego for me too - all done in one call, just have to wait for the rego label from RTA in the post. As much as I hate paying CTP (or any insurance), this is a good service.
  8. Hi,

    I am with them for the car much cheaper than anyone else, that said car is only used by wife at home and both 40+. Just got my renewal and thought it had gone up a bit much so called up to discuss it; they agreed and gave me a discount and I am now paying less than I paid last year. Bit anoyed that it took me calling to get anything done, but in the end the 5 minutes on the phone got me a full comp policy including 14 days of hire car with only a $400 excess for approx $200 less than AAMI.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. Why is this here, do they even do bikes?
  10. Wouldn't bother with Youi. They were the insurer of the at-fault party in my head on, didn't even TRY to contact me, and the person handling my claim was never in the bloody office. Pricks.
  11. I actually find a lot of the online only and "smaller" insurers (even though they are backed by all the big boys) to mostly be a waste of time.

    Costwise they are often cheaper than the big companies, but the service, efficiency and additional benefits are so off par that i don't find the cost to be worth it IF you actually have to make a claim.

    I know noone ever plans on having an accident, but i would much rather be back on the road asap with friendly helpful people to talk to, than have to feel like im fighting my own insurer for the right to claim against my policy.
  12. Youi ended up being more expensive than NRMA for me.