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VIC Youi can go #*$% themselves

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kawi, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. So today I got my first flat tyre I called youi as part of my comprehensive cover I'm covered for flats they told me it comes under accidental damage and I'd have to pay an excess of $1000!!!

    I'm so furious right now I can't be bothered making a large thread ugh! What do i do or who's my new insurance company to go with bloody youi!!!!!

  2. Have you just signed up with them? I think they have a higher excess for the first 6 weeks or something. I agree that promoting the fact that flats are covered, but you have to pay excess is pretty much BS. You would pretty much have to have no excess to make it worthwhile.
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  3. isn't their slogan something like "we get you"?
    -it looks like they've got you ;)
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  4. I'm signed up with youi and have been for abit over 4 weeks. This is absolute bollocks I could buy a few new tires for 1k!
  5. Ouch nosh you got me again lol brilliant comment tho cheered me up lol
  6. I think you misunderstand excess. The tyre will cost whatever it costs to fix. So if it is $60, you pay $60. Excess simply means you pay upto the first $1000 in repairs, if it costs more, the insurance company pays the rest.
  7. Sucks mate but probably in the small print. You can reduce excess if your annual premium is higher.

    I don't rate youi- when they started TV ads years ago a got a quote from them for my car at the time. I was paying about $900 fully comp annually, and youi's quote was $3400! Gotta be joking right!!
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  8. Oh wait so if I agree to let them fix it they will provide up to 1000$ cover? I'm so confused and new to this lolol
  9. No your excess is what you will have to pay for them to process the claim - no matter the value. So it's $1000 for you whether you claim just a new tyre, or a full bike replacement if it got stolen for e.g
  10. I wouldn't bother trying to cover such cheap repairs under insurance. You will only lift your premiums if you keep claiming.
  11. Oh lord it's not worth the bother lol
  12. Not in this case.
  13. I'll just pull the wheel off and fix it myself lol
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  14. When in doubt read the Product Disclosure Statement. (PDS). The latest dated July 2015 states if you have comprehensive insurance you have Youi Asssit (see page 3) . The benefits are explained on page 10. On page 21 it also states:

    " Youi Assist basic excess

    No excess is applied to the first two claims under this benefit. For each
    and every claim thereafter you are required to pay a basic excess as
    shown on your policy schedule"

    It should have been a no excess call out if it is the first time you used Youi Assist..
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  15. Returned - You missed the next page, and the all important bit!

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  16. #16 Returned, Jul 16, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2015
    I assumed that actual the comprehensive policy/shedule that the person held does not list Youi Assist as being a $1000 excess for the first call out..

    The point you quote indicates that "The exact situations where this [ additional excess] would apply and the amount of the additional excess will be shown on your policy schedule.".

    These additional excesses usually apply to things relating to age of other riders etc and are always clearly listed on the policy schedule sent to the customer.

    For example my policy ( not Youi) lists my excess as $625 but lists additional Excesses of $1600 if I let anybody under 25 ride the bike or +$400 if over 25 and less than 2 years experience.
  17. You can fix that tyre with two sticks mate just make sure one is a match,claim might be cost effective then.
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  18. As I wrote in another forum only a few days ago. The Big print giveth, but the small print taketh away.
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  19. How badly damaged is the tyre? If it's repairable it may only cost you around $20.
  20. I am with YOUI.

    This is an extract of the PDS regarding Youi Assist. Covers Flat tyres, but doesn't state explicitly how it got flat of course. But stating a puncture is an accident is drawing a pretty long bow!!

    Might be making a phone call tomorrow.


    I get 2 claims at $0, then $150 thereafter.