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you'd sh!t yourself if you saw one of these in the bush!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,24844943-5001021,00.html

    y Justin Vallejo, Urban Affairs Reporter

    December 27, 2008 12:00am

    MYSTERIOUS panther-like creatures, long reported to be stalking the outskirts of Sydney, could be moving towards homes.

    With at least 19 sightings reported this year, big cat hunters believe they're becoming bolder as they search for food and mates.

    Cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy said the elusive creatures - usually reported as fleeting sightings at night, often on lonely country roads - have been reported as far afield as Kenthurst, Lithgow, Penrith and Appin as they find migratory routes around Warragamba dam, linking breeding populations from the northwest to southwest via the Blue Mountains.

    Have you seen a big cat? Send photos to webphoto@dailytelegraph.com.au or MMS 0432 752 459

    Plus - Read other readers' thoughts and sightings on the panther here.

    "They've become more active, males and females, in the past few weeks and months as they look to breed," Mr Gilroy said.

    Although there is no hard evidence the creatures exist, residents have become so frightened that the Department of Primary Industries has commissioned a report on the cats, due early next year.

    "The DPI is currently putting together a report following recent concerns from residents living in the Grose Vale area," a spokeswoman said. "The report will look at a range of options, as well as a review of the existing evidence."

    Grose Vale resident Chris Coffey, who operates a database that has recorded 330 sightings in the past decade, said she has seen a big cat the size of her 63kg rottweiler at least five times in her own backyard.

    While the DPI received 19 formal reports of a "large black cat" in 2008, there had been an increasing flood of informal reports.

    Mr Gilroy recently visited Burragorang Valley, where bushman Gavin Noakes found large paw prints bigger than a man's fist at 12cm to 15cm wide.

    The depth of the paw print suggested a heavy creature, in line with a number of recent sightings of a panther-like creature of about 30kg with a black-to-dark brown coat.

    "There's a migratory pattern in which they seem to come out of Grose Vale and penetrate out into the back of the Kenthurst scrub, moving back and forth," he said.

    "Two breeding populations of about half a dozen each have developed there."

    He believes they are distant relations of the extinct Thylacoleo carnifex owen, a marsupial lion that survived the Ice Age.

    holy shit balls, i spend a bit of time in the bush from time to time and i would shit my self silly if i saw one of these things. my mum is on a property deep in the great dividing range about 40 kms north west of taree, and she reckons shes seen one of these bad boys a couple of times. i was up walking along a spur up there once looking for foxes, and i saw a paw print that was feline, except it was about 8-10cm in diameter.

    ive read in sporting shooter about a bloke in victoria who reckons he shot one, silly bastard chucked the body in the creek but...

    i ridiculous amount of people are reporting sightings now, its hard to dispute that they exist. the photo in the article is unbelievable! what exactly they are in terms of their phylogeny will be up in the air untill one is recovered.

    has anyone here seen one? coming home on dusk after a long day scratching, or puttering around in the bush on the traily? some one must have?
  2. Strange how some urban legends just hang in there; when I was young I remember being regaled with stories of the Emmaville Panther, http://www.nnsw.com.au/emmaville/panther.html and in fact these sorts of sightings are less than common.

    If you're interested in pursuing the subject, I reommend this book, http://www.amazon.com/dp/0811700887/?tag=netrider-20 in which the authors document exactly the 'panther' sightings from many places round the world, many shallow lakes that have their own 'Loch Ness' monsters, lanes in England along which large black dogs run alonside scared-spitless pedestrians, and all sorts of strange stuff.....
  3. Feral cats can get surprisingly large - my money would be on it being one of those before I believed it was some marsupial throwback or a panther/lion/joel in his leopard skin undies/whatever
  4. joel in his leopard skin undies :rofl:
  5. thats an awefully big feral tabby... there has been numerous fossil remains found of a marsupial lion thought to be around 10,000 years old. if the photo in the article isnt a photoshop job, the head on it doesnt really resemble the skull remains found of the marsuipial lion:

    i know of the emmaville panther sightings, that was believed to have been an escaped panther from a circus going through the town about 80 years ago.

    i remeber of a news report about 12 months ago when a bloke reckons he got attacked by one, he lived on the out skirts of springwood, he described it as being about size of a large labrodore, except it looked more like a panther.

    meh i reckon the things exist, this paw print i saw wasnt a dog, and was way too big for a tabby on steroids.

    btw i reckon id be more scared if i saw joel in his leopard skin undies in the bush... :shock:
  6. +1 for a feral cat population that has had many generations in the wild. I used to ride trailbikes around Appin many years ago and while you didnt see them often because of the bikes noise you did see them occasionally and they were at least twice the size of a "normal" house cat. Mean looking buggers too, not to be messed with.
  7. Unless they are 500mm pavers it's walking on, then that's just a normal cat!
  8. we had a huuuugggeee feral tabby near our place. it was the size of a large fox or bigger
    my mum didnt believe that it was a cat (thought it must just be a fox) & had me doubting myself until i saw it licking itself clean lol
  9. "MYSTERIOUS panther-like creatures"


  10. You sure they're not cougars.....? :p

    I reckon i can handle myself with one of those..... :LOL:
  11. I knew there'd be a cougar joke in there somewhere :p

    This wild cat stuff has been going on for years. I remember when we were kids growing up on our farm, there were supposed sightings out in the bush. We used to camp in the back paddock and were fairly certain we'd wake up eaten...we never were, though.

    There's something strange-looking about that newspaper pic, the 'cat' looks very muscular...not lean like a normal cat :? Weird ears, too.
  12. Next we will have the repeated urban myth about the US serviceman with the black panther left behind in WW2! Isn't it strange that this animal seems to continually reproduce without ever being sighted and no droppings are ever found plus they must never die because no skeletal remains are found either!!! Plus the same animal seems to be seen in most areas of every state! We believe what we want to believe!
  14. I've seen some bloody big feral cats on the Eyre Peninsula. My domestic tabby is about 3kg but stands almost as tall as my staffy. Feels a LOT heavier when he jumps up on ya though.
  15. WTF is a "cryptozoologist" anyway?
  16. :LOL:

    All cats should be shot and banned

  17. sounds like another vote in favour of breeding regulations

    why spay your pet?

    One unspayed dog and her offspring can lead to 67,000 dogs in six years. One unspayed cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years.(2) Approximately 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the United States each day.(3) Some of them are born to breeders who sell animals for a profit, some are born to people who want their cat or dog to have the “experience†of having a litter or who want their children to witness the “miracle of life,†and some result from allowing fertile animals to roam freely and mate.

    Whatever the reason, the number of cats and dogs far exceeds the number of loving homes available. Unwanted animals are often treated as a nuisance; incidents of kitten drownings and dog abandonments are common. Many people drop animals off in rural areas, thinking that someone will take them in or that they can fend for themselves. But the tragic fates for these animals include cruel treatment, starvation, disease, freezing, highway death, procurement for research laboratories, and more unregulated breeding. Even if someone can find homes for one litter of kittens or puppies, the overpopulation cycle continues if the animals are allowed to breed. And animals from breeders occupy homes that could have taken in homeless animals, who are destined to be destroyed.

  18. Not sure about giant cats but the Burragorang Valley area is a nice ride to do some research, rode up barkers lodge rd from picton today then up burragorand rd to the lookout, great ride, i might have to go back again tomorrow just for some big cat looking, Once though when my mother was walking home in a country town she heard lots of whip cracking around the streets, only the next day did she find out the circus lions had gotten loose and she was hearing the attempts to get them back , so cats could easilly have been lost into the bush, surving or not is another thing, cause if it were when my mum was young it was more likely sabre tooth cats loose