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You'd have to be a kwaka fan ...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RGVroomDaddy, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. thats the one you were asking about colors for.. came up good.. enjoy your ride.
  2. Interesting to see USD forks on the older models, and a diferent swingarm.

    Green looks good, I've always loved the Kwaka greens :)
  3. mmmm - the green meanie :)

    I love that Kwaka green.
  4. Sweet....... aint kwaka's just so damn fine???
  5. sigh, reminders of the late beloved Gregg Hansford, there's nothing like a lime-green meanie.....
  6. It is a 1989 model. Do some of them not have the USD forks? I did notice that the swingarm was slightly different to the 1997 model in the pdf manual when I adjusted the chain tension and rear wheel alignment on the weekend.

    Mine has the damp and rebound adjusment as well but I haven't had a play yet (they are set pretty stiff) ... chalk and cheese compared with sir_bouncy's um I mean sir-b's gpx250 which has suspension like one of those hispanic pimp mobiles :LOL:

    P.S Glad to see a few fans of the green, I like it too :cool:

  7. Another great rider gone early, what was he Paul around 40 when he went.. must be 10 - 12 years ago now?
  8. When that bike grows up it wants to be a GIXXER.hahahahah
  9. Nice looking bike!
  10. Nah, it wants to be a bigger Meanie ... maybe a ZX-10R or 12R :p
  11. Why would it want to do that. hahahaha