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You wsere o busy telling the other driver how rubbish he is, you nearly rear ended me

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ljiljan, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. You were so busy telling the other driver how rubbish he is, you nearly rear ended me

    In under a minute you flipped the bird on three separate occasions for atrocities only you were able to see. To top it off you nearly ran straight up the back of me while your head was stuck out your window saying something about your fettish with men's arses. It says more about your driving than theirs.

  2. im sure he will read this mate :D
  3. I know he wont, but I'm just letting off steam. His attitude majorly pissed me off. I never gave him a chance to overtake me and have a go at me, just sat in other cars shadows and kept him caged in. It felt good.
  4. Lilley, I completely understand mate, but use the cover of cars to keep yourself away from dickheads like that.

    Unless of course you are looking to cop some abuse from him, which can be evened up at the next traffic light, where you can casually walk back to his car, grab him by the fekking ears and smash his face in with your helmet, to shut him up.

    It's one of the benefits of a full face over an open faced helmet, that for some reason the helmet mfrs haven't used to promote a full face helmet. And it's an important safety feature that is always overlooked!!!

    Tip: first strike has to be a definitive one. Get it done right the first time, then move on. Be decisive, quick, and GONE.
  5. For the record I was in a car, I don't compromise my enjoyment of riding for menial tasks such as transport. I'd much rather sit in an air conditioned lounge room.
  6. That makes you a weekend warrior then. Disappointing, didn't take you for one of them. Carving up traffic is brilliant if you're good at it.
  7. Oh I know tis good fun, I just got sick of lugging all my stuff around uni. I just put off the carving up traffic for the weekend. It's just as fun then showing some guy in his commodore who thinks he is awesome trying his hardest up macquarie pass that he might as well be in the flinstones car.

    In all seriousness I don't drive that much, I was coming back from a wedding so the car was sort of required. I normally take PT to uni because it leaves the rest for dead.

    edit: I think you will find that some of the fastest riders on this forum are so called "weekend warriors".
  8. Reality has never stopped me from making sweeping generalisations, and I'm not about to stop now, thankyou.
  9. wouldn't stop me either