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You would think twice wouldn't ya!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thelodger, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Catch him!!l

    Mob kills motorcycle thief: police
    From correspondents in Phnom Penh

    AN enraged mob of about 100 people armed with knives and axes hacked a thief to death after he attempted to steal a motorcycle in north-western Cambodia, police said today.

    Police said the unidentified man was killed by villagers on Monday shortly after he stabbed and robbed motorcycle taxi driver Huon Reth, 23, who died in hospital from his wounds yesterday.

    Nuth Ly, police chief of O Chrov district which borders Thailand, said the robber had hired Huon Reth to drive him from Keam village toward Chang Ha commune and then attacked him.

    "As the thief was getting away with the motorcycle, police and villagers chased him and he fell to the ground. Then the crowd of villagers surrounded him and hacked him to death," Nuth Ly told AFP.

    Mob justice meted out to suspected murderers, rapists and thieves has been rising for several years in Cambodia, where the courts barely function after nearly three decades of conflict which only ended in 1998.
  2. hmmm.... I reckon that would happen to anyone who tried to take a netriders bike dont you think?
  3. Hey, now that would be a sight to see..... Rampaging Netriders :shock:

  4. Just go to any coffee night :shock:

  5. Doncha just love the way journalists can come up with headlines?

    The bloke stabbed and killed the m/c taxi owner and stole his m/c.

    I guess "Mob kills murderer" doesn't sound so satisfying to a journo who wants something "interesting"
  6. My work takes me to Malaysia sometimes and we had an incident where one of our blokes was driving a mini-van when a local motorcyclist doing something very dangerous slammed into the back of him while he was stopped in traffic. Because the rider was wearing a 2 litre ice cream container(literally!) for a helmet and faceplanted into the back of the van, he was in a bad way.

    While our guy(causasian) was trying to provide first aid he was set upon by the locals who blamed him for the accident. He was badly beaten. Since then, we have been briefed to help until the mob arrives and then retreat back into the van with the doors locked until the Police arrive to collect their bribe. If the mob attacks the van, then drive off.

    It can be pretty hairy on the roads in South East Asia.
  7. Nice to see justice being served, in an appropriate and timely manner. :)