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You would have been proud...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MacFfy, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. So I got the new bike yesterday and since I'm still new to biking I decided I'd wait until early evening to take it out for a spin around brisbane.

    Headed out just before 6 and was driving towards the Mater Hospital when some IDIOT in a BMW pulled out right in front of me - no indication or nuffin... I'd been using the "force" and knowing what beemer drivers are like (my dad was one for a while!) i was sitting back far enough to be able to break and let him in.

    A few short blasts on the horn and some lovely shiny full beam in his eyes and he pulled back over again just before the next set of lights.

    I pulled up right next to him... he put his window down and I thought 'this is it - i'm dead... i'm a goner'.... Cageman (who is quite old and has his older looking wife next to him) says "sorry mate I didn't see you there"... my reply...

    "well if you want to keep your rear bumper then maybe next time you'll check... and indicators wouldn't go a miss either!!!!!"... the light turned to green and off I sailed...

    hahhaahahahha i feel like a biker now!!!! I dunno where it came from - i just opened my mouth and out came this speech!! heheheh .... genuis!!!!!!!
  2. Congrats!! You've just passed Netrider "Near-Miss Reactions" 101. Go to the next class, please :grin:
  3. :rofl: :rofl:

    It's amazing how much courage one gains with a helmet on one's head :p

    I know exactly what you mean.
    Had a chap reverse out of his driveway on me the other morning, I wasn't going fast so it wasn't really a safety issue, I put the brakes on and said to myself..."good one F%*& witt" in a normal voice,
    and he heard me, he replied with "stupid australian" :rofl: so, even when ya not yelling at them directly, they can still hear you!
  4. that's exactly what it was!!! that and elbow pads and gloves!! hehehe
  5. "Stupid Australian"? Well if he dosn't like it...
  6. Well said!

    At least he had the guts to acknowledge you. Most peop's just put their windows up look straight ahead.
  7. Congrats! Nice response.

    Sadly, Canberra streets tend to preclude such responses. You tend not to get lights where you can stop next to them very often (warning for you, haggismaen and typhoon), so you don't get to chew them out like that.
  8. MacFly, you'll find they are unleashed on the weekends :LOL: . I had an elderly lady with a car load of of older people pull out from mudgeeraba showgrounds today. Alarm bells went off in my head when I couldnt make eye contact with her :shock: . But the scary part was when she saw me(after I blared my horn) she stopped over the road blocking both lanes :shock: . I figured I wouldnt like someone yelling at my grandma so i didn't yell at someone elses, that and....she looked really scared.
  9. i think he acknowledged me because he actually knew he was wrong and obviously felt bad about it... he was a bit older (easily 60) and obviously wasn't paying attention.

    have thought about it somemore he did had VIC plates so was most probably an out of towner up here on holiday, musta been concentrating on something else....
  10. You haven't heard me yell, I don't need traffic lights! :twisted:
    Plus, the GTR and I have road "presence"..kind of hard to miss a bright red bike the size of a Mini with me on it! :grin:
    Seriously, I've been on the roads long enough to keep clear of most situations like that, I just assume they will do it, especially on the bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. As they are saying: beware of old cagers and as well as young riders.
  12. ...and stupid australians
  13. what's wrong mcfly? Chicken??...

    haha, well done on keeping your head mate.