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You would have all been proud

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. As I said, I would have made you all proud this afternoon. Took the 400 out for a test ride after major servicing that included new tyres, brake pads, steering head bearings etc etc. Seeing it was a nice warm afternoon I made sure I wore all the appropriate safety gear. Boots, helmet, shorts & Tee shirt. Well it was a hi vis shirt :LOL: Reminded me why I ride a bike. The wind in your eyes, and also up the legs of my shorts. Was it fun -hell yes. Laughing all the way. Cheers.

  2. if you had of done it naked then i would be impressed :LOL:
  3. Well, I did keep it below 170. Most of the time. And there are no chicken strips left on the tyres. Does that add points?
  4. hey squidder, what are chicken strips on yer tyres?
  5. Betcha didn't get yer knee down! :p
  6. side tread, right?
  7. Good one roarin, now youve started the speeding and squidding arguments again :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Only now your put them both together to create one super argument :p
  8. un-used rubber on the sides of your tyres
  9. so chicken strips means ya don't lean, which means ya don't ride hard...is that it?

    I won't start the squid thing again, its a moot point really
  10. Thats not a bad idea there Mik. Come to think of it I'll start it off.
    Whats the fastest you've ridden with no helmet, in shorts, tee shirt & thongs. I have done about 175 but I did cheat. I had sunnies on cause those bugs do some nasty things to your eyes at that speed. I must admit I don't think I will do it again cause the gear lever does some shocking things to the skin on your toes when you only have thongs on :LOL: :LOL:
  11. seriously though, in the states its legal to ride without a helmet eh?
  12. Lol, only about 60 with no helmet, took a mates bike for a spin round the block. Commonly wear thongs though without much drama...
  13. Had a KM100 as a kid that I used to ride around on with bare feet and a pair of shorts. Probably got it up to 100km downhill, with a tail wind :LOL:

    And as for wearing thongs? My missus would get the shits if I started wearing her undies, but if that's what floats ya boat, more power to ya I say.? :p :p
  14. Is that a challenge? :)

  15. Didn't one of the UK bike mags run an article a few months back, where they got people to ride a set course in their usual gear, and then wearing nothing but helmet & boxer shorts?

    The point being to see whether clothing affected riders' attitudes and speed.

    Can't remember what the conclusions were, mind you...
  16. If it was a UK magazine, the rider with the least clothing would have been female.......