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You want a piece of me ???

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by shadowarrior, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. [rant] So I was heading to Hawthorn pub today evening to meet up with friends and have some pizza. Was traveling from Prahran to Hawthorn on the Glenferrie Road.

    Somewhere on Glenferie Rd, I see this black car tailgating me. Hmmm good, so I intentionally slow down and keep riding...
    Everytime I filter through on signals, I see the black car overtaking the rest of the cars through the other side of the road, and trying to get as close to me as possible. Wow, so I start feeling the love of this driver.

    Suddenly, he comes on my right side, driving through the opposite lane, and starts to push me inside to the footpath and parked cars. I realized this guy is all about sex and not just love only.
    Hit the brakes, let him go forward, then as he stops at the next lights I go beside him and keep staring at him through the window.

    I see him struggling to do something. Curiosity gets to me, and I wait to see what he is upto. So he takes off his t-shirt, steps out of the car and starts shouting, "You want a piece of me you ****er? Ha? " I look at him, shake my head, move a little ahead. So he shouts back, "Yeah, didn't think so!! run away now".

    He would be around mid 40s, kinda fat guy (with a belly). I thought to myself. If I get off the bike and start talking, am gonna get late for my pizza. Plus, I would have an upper hand if I don't retaliate and complain to the cops instead.

    As soon as the light turns green, I zoom off, and I can see on my rear mirrors, that he is again trying to chase me, overtaking cars from the opposite side of the road.

    Just at the corner of Glenferrie and Burwood Road, I see a cop car. I take the turn, honk, signal with lights, with hands, wave frantically, follow the cop car all through out for 1km....in hope that he would pull over, and I could complain about this other driver. But naah, the cop car driver and the passenger doesn't even care, or stop. And trust me, I have LOUD horns :|

    I have called and reported about the black car driver to the emergency cop line, and am supposed to file a report against him to the nearest police station. (Yeah I took the car's number down) But I doubt anything is gonna happen. I now wish I should have abused him back, and if he had touched me, I should have smashed his face off. Hey that's the dual purpose of those gloves, right?

    Just like nothing happened to the lady who intentionally ran me over with her ute in March 'cos I told her I am calling the police since she was drugged and road raging with two kids as passengers. I ended up with torn waist and neck ligaments/tissues, and a reminding pain on my waist every time I try lifting any heavy weight even today. All she got, after 7months was, 'Good Behavior Warning for two years' from the court.

    These are the times I really feel, the cops are only there to stop and check fines and unimportant shit. And the justice system, oh well, I have no clue how that works after I heard the result of this driver's court case. :)
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  2. Maybe he was actually offering a piece? seems like he had a bit to spare :)
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  3. ROFL!! yeah, but i forgot my salt and pepper at home...i like my meat with some salt and pepper, so had to give it a pass :p
  4. I think it was a Brokeback Mountain pick up line. You got away lucky!
  5. That sucks man, but how was the pizza? what time did you leave the hawthorn? i was there from 9 till 12ish.
  6. LOL :p

    @chris, i came out when they started that trivia quiz thingy, sometime after 8 i guess. The Aussie is my fave pizza there :)
    The pub being bang opposite to my uni, guess where I go between lectures :D
  7. I gather you have copies of the documentation for this still? Go see a solicitor and file a civil suit against her. Pursure her for pain & suffering etc. and medical expenses. The proofs in a civil case are much less than in a criminal case, so given that she has already been found guilty in a magistrates court you should be home & hosed. If nothing else it is worth asking the question.

    As for this numpty, yes, hard-backed gloves are quite handy for dealing with that type. A biatch slap, back hander followed by removal of cars keys and hurling onto the nearest building roof works wonders.
  8. hey thanks for that...my wife had been after me to consult a solicitor to file a case against her. Yes I have all my medical records, and the police has agreed to share all the documents from the court case/witness summary/offender's statement/etc related to this case if I do wish to involve a solicitor. I think I can go for a No Win No Pay agreement with the solicitor. More than compensation out of her, I want her to be penalized for what she did, and could have done. I was surprised to hear that she was not even charged on any driving offence.
    - Tailgating a L plater (i was in my car with L plates on)
    - Intimidating a L plater
    - Overtaking from right on a single lane road
    - Road rage
    - Attempt to murder while using the vehicle as a weapon
    - Leaving the scene of accident (Hit and Run)
    - Providing false statement to the police first before her statement was challenged against witness records.

    Going to seek a solicitor out tomorrow itself. If any of you guys know of a good solicitor, that would be really helpful.
  9. Sorry to hear about that (both!) mate. God, I'm increasingly sick of the city (people)! Nature is uncaring, but she's not malicious!
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  10. That's true, but she can be a mother!
  11. Of course...by feeding one set of children to another.
  12. zen, know the best part?
    she had BOTH her kids (should be ~10yrs old) IN the ute sitting beside her, when she started to abuse and later run me over.
    She had a smashed windscreen, resulted from the impact of my body with her windscreen. Things could have been bad for her too, suppose the impact broke the protective coating of her wind screen, there was nothing to stop the glass shards from entering her kids' body. I weigh 97kgs, she had floored the accelerator to hit me. So there was enough force to make matters worse, guess she was just uber lucky about the point of impact.

    I thanked God that she sped her car towards me and not Aruna. Being vertically challenged, I doubt if Aruna could have jumped out of the way even if she tried to.

    I reckon people like this woman, shouldn't be even allowed to raise children.
  13. Tramp needs to answer this BUT she was driving a registered motor vehicle so it comes under TAC and you cant take civil action for a motor vehicle collision.

    Mind you she undertook a criminal act so that might change things but I'm no lawyer.
  14. She didn't collide with my car....i was standing outside my car with my wife.....and she was arguing/abusing with her car parked beside mine. When i said, fine lets call the cops and they will sort things out, she reversed her car, and accelerated, heading straight towards me, and ran me over.
    Have witness records proving that it WAS intentional as well, 'cos she swerved to hit me.

    Even still, she should at least be booked under driving laws.
  15. mate.. I usually tell my son, if you went to hit every ******** you come across... youll get sore hands, and still come across another one on the way home.. but there are some that really deserve a right hook special!! gloves and helmet can be wonderful allies!! sounds like you took the best decision.. fk him..he can go home and be an ass.. nowadays things can really complicate your day if you do what you should...
  16. right said mate. assault+motorbiker= amazing negative media coverage and 1001 fu*ked up charges with the cops :|
  17. I'm really not sure that any bike gear is really an advantage in a fight. If anything I would find it a disadvantage.
  18. It's an advantage... while you've got ur helmet on, no impact they make with your head is going to be a big deal. Also, you won't break any skin and you just look menacing as is. It would take a real dumbass to take on a geared up biker.
  19. ahhh... right. So impacting the head is the only way to hurt somebody? People can't break joints and bones? I guess wearing all that heavy restrictive gear is going to help you move faster?
  20. A work colleague of mine was involved in an altercation with a motorcyclist last weekend. He grabbed the bloke by the helmet chin bar, swung him around a bit, and forced him to the ground. Game over dude.