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You think this is good bike for me

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Nino, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Hello.

    My name is Nino I come from Italy but I live here now. Somebody I know come here and says is good to talk about the motbikes and scooter.

    I see this bike here called Hyosong is small custom 250cc. I read here no many people like because is not from Japon.

    I like this bike because looks good to me and I can get for not much. So I look other bikes but is too expensive for me.

    In Italy many people rides the scooter but is not Italian is made in China.
    I look other bikes but I think for new bike 2500cc the Hyosong maybe is good to go not far.

    Sorry my English not very good.
  2. if you like, you buy, you ride, you have a smile like all of us!!
  3. yeah iv heard hyosung can be a hit and miss some times but they do look good. i guess best bet is to check it out and if its in good condition knock your self out.
    ps im not very experienced haha iv only been riding a week
  4. I look for better bike but is too old for me. I see 750 virago for $4500 but is 15 years old, I think maybe is old bike.

    Because I have not too much money I think to buy the Hyosong maybe is better.

    You think to buy motorbike which maybe is 15 year old is not very good or maybe is good because is cheap.
  5. What year is it made? I assume the quality has improved and you're relatively safe if you buy a late model? I had a mate buy one some years ago. He came out one morning to find petrol everywhere because something had perished in the carbs.
  6. Ciao, come stai, non comprare la hyosung, moto spazzatura, i motori di far saltare in aria
  7. I lookk to buy new Hyosong is this year model.

    I look here but many people they think is no good. Is not good for petral to go all on the floor.

    I tell you in my country many people go so the scooter from China. THe Vespa they make some in China but still they people they dont worry. My scooter they was called Piaggio and was 125 cc. But this was good for my town. I buy this and was good but they make in China.

    I think the Hyosong the people think is China but is from Korea. I like because they give me 2 years garantee.
  8. Tu pensi.
  9. Lo so, ho usato per avere una
  10. Today I no work but I go to see the bike gv250. But I look and think maybe is a bit smal for custom bike

    I still look but no found much for $6000 for custom. The Japon custom is to espensive for me so I look this Hyosong.

    Please for gv250 why you think is bad because no go faster or maybe broke alltime. The man tell to me is no espensive to do the service on this bike and maybe give the better price because finish now 2011.
  11. Hyosung are now about where Ducati were 15 - 20 years ago. Irony?

    Good luck.

    You may or may not need it.
  12. Interesting thread.
  13. Hello Arthur er Nino howzit going mate orrite?
  14. I sense a troll here.
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  15. Yes you'll have to ask Arthur Daly