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You think 12 months is too long to spend on a 250?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Took the bike to one of the local shopping centres the other day, parked in my usual spot - a largely unused bit of footpath at the end of a loading bay that's sort of an unofficial motorcycle parking area since it's undercover. Noticed one other bike parked there, an old GN250 without L-plates, and naturally assumed it was another fully licenced yet restricted rider. When I returned to my bike I found out my assumption was wrong when I met the real owner of the bike - a woman aged in her 60s. Commented on the fact the the GN was in extremely good condition and discovered that she's owned it since new and been using it as her only means of transport. Yep that's right, 30 years of riding on a single cylinder 250. For me it kind of put things in perspective a little bit, made me realise that 12 months is not really such a long time.

  2. 30 years: that's pretty 8) .
  3. not all of us are after out right speed and performance.

    having something easy cheap and relaibel is important to many people.

    Its just like cages, how many people buy tiny crappy buzz boxes when they can buy a lot better vehicle.

    How many people have a one owner holden or ford from the 50s and 60s
  4. What a top yarn. I wonder who's got the oldest continually-ridden bike on Netrider; any nominations??
  5. i think shes a wuss :LOL:

    30 years on a 250? :shock: krikey!!
  6. lol good on her, how ever for the rest of us demented riders... :LOL:
  7. lets see... first bike a 250.. 9 mounths... second a 250 as well 1.5 years?? than a 550 and back to a 250 for another 4 or 5 months... (been riding the 750 for the past 5 years) and I'm building another 250 to use as transport from and to work...
  8. tschhh. what a loser :roll: :p

    when i take my bike in for a service there are pretty much only 250s and scooters. 1 owner, cheap transport, never think of selling it ever. straight from their mouths. i reckon there are ALOT more people like that and it's nice to finally hear about em :)
  9. Can't say I'm surprised. A 250 would be much more practical for inner city riding than even a 600, let alone the big monsters.
    I love my 250, perfect for me as I work in the CBD (but am saving up for a bigger bike, tee hee).
  10. Doesnt surprise me at all, CB250's get 25+km/L

    Cheap effiecient reliable, it is possible to have all 3