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you suck!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, May 12, 2009.

  1. :grin:


    now that i have your attention.

    am thinking of buying the:

    Dyson Motorhead (Model Number: DC23ACMHPL)


    any on here have one? what are your thoughts on it and how far can i "negotiate" off the RRP? ($1099.00)

    upon initial web search, it seems that 'bing lee' and 'the good guys' are the cheapest thus far...

    interested to hear thoughts on how much kevin rudd, er, i mean, MOI might be spending on such an item as i'm sure some on here have one.

    pm if you don't want to say out loud.

    thanks in advance

  2. Is that a vacuum cleaner? are you spending $1100 on a vacuum cleaner?

    you suck!

  3. For that price, it'd want to have a groinal attachment :shock:
  4. I know some people are spending their cash of hookers, but i see you are looking for a long term solution.... me i wish i would of thought of that the initial outlay maybe more but i reckon it might work out cheaper then the missus in the long run :LOL:
  5. $1100 for a vacuum. That's cool, I see you don't care who questions your sexuality. Or sanity for that matter.

    Presuming you're male. :grin:
  6. maybe he just has a very serious dandruff problem.

  7. 1k for a vaccum? you must need a lot of sucking powah

    I just got a$ser@pped for $1800 for a hot water unit
  8. Ok im a sad case l know but here goes. You can get that model from Appliances online for $965 + delivery. Recently bought one from them and swear by it. Ps no l dont work for them just hate going to the shops hate pushy salepeople. Hope this helps
  9. :LOL:

    well, actually it's allergies and the old vacuum sucks like a disinterested girlfriend. :wink: so it's time to get rid of her...i mean, it. far far cheaper, as well. :grin:

    1k of newer technology better pick up what the previous el cheapo vacuums have left behind.


  10. ah, ok. i'll check it out.

    can i ask: have you noticed a difference with this model than the previous model you had been using? cleaner floors?
  11. ...yeah I should disclose that we're looking at buying their bottom of the range model...$650 retail, $507 from Good Guys... :oops:

    So *cough* yeah, my advice would be to try the Good Guys if paying cash.

    But only a NANCY would spend heaps of money on a vacuum cleaner! :LOL:
  12. At risk of sounding really lame...

    I have one of those, it sucks and cleans pretty good. The wife hates it though because the head is too heavy. Good at getting pet hair up, etc. Our last vacuum was a piece of shit called "Diablo", which was a bloody demon that we hated.

    I got it for $900 in a Harvey Norman sale earlier this month. I called Good Guys to see if they could beat it, but they said that's pretty much what they buy them for.
  13. BTW, should also mention that we cleaned our house with it just a couple of days after cleaning it with our old vacuum, and the amount of stuff it picked it was phenomenal.
  14. got a mate thats in the vacuum sales business (all types of brands) and told me not to buy any Dysons as your judging it by its looks, says u can buy vacuums at half the price that does the same, if not better job than Dyson, do your research
  15. yeah. i'm very keen to see what the new vaccum picks up.

    fair comment.

    believe me. my first impression of the dyson was abit like when bmw comes out with their latest offering of bikes. :shock:

    awesome! :LOL:

    only: $1549.00



    godfreys tweets.

  16. David Jones have 15% off all dysons atm(which means myer and HN will match them if not beat them) and harvey norman in lidcombe are also doing pretty big discounts. I'm in the market for the DC22 myself. Harvey norman will knock a fair bit off for cash(or credit card but just call it cash). People paying full price are schmucks. Never pay the tag price ever. Even if you get 5% it's still a discount.

    15% at DJs works out at $935... Not sure if HN was cheaper or not
  17. Cindy bought a dyson about 3 months ago. Think she paid around $900 and got a allergy-free kit thrown in.
    Well, if you think your carpets were clean before ... think again!
    The unit is amazing, with the turbo head running it'd suck a footy through a drinking straw :p
    I'd recommend it. It's easy to use, bag-less compartment easy to empty and the unit is easy to drag around.
    The turbo unit brush must be checked every now and again for things that may get caught up in it. Also, if the turbo brush stops spinning, look for anything that may be lodged in the hose. Ours sucked up a dog bone, and after a while the bone managed to collect enough fibre/fluff to stop the brush from spinning.

    Good Luck !
  18. I bought me missus a dyson - she loves it.
  19. Does it have a flesh light attachment?
  20. no, but by tying a chicken kiev around the mouth of the hose the effect is much the same.