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You suck Lance

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nosoh, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. just watched the first interview with oprah, i could hardly believe what i was seeing... what a bloody dooshbag.

    im not even a big fan of his, and i still feel a bit butt hurt about all that malarki. i cant imagine what the whole lycra brigade are feeling right now... if you turn the tv off and listen carefully you could probably hear one quietly sobbing right now.


  2. I just hope the lyrca brigade keep following him. Just imagine MAMIL's leaving the office, shiny bike, branded lycra and a dozen needles in their arms. Will be great.
  3. lol dude is saying the life ban is over the top .....HE'S HAD AN ENTIRE CAREER OF DRUG USE....he's ruined the sport for countless people and both competitors and sponsor's alike

    makes me chuckle...silly bastard
  4. You seem to be labouring under a misapprehension ...... Lance Armstrong is not universally adored amongst cyclists - not in this country at least and they certainly don't "follow" him in the way you imply (with the exception of the odd deluded individual).
  5. I'm hoping that a few thousand of the lycra clad numpties will now give up blocking the roads and fcuk off back to their natural habitat (the golf course).
  6. Strip all his money off him as proceeds of crime and send him to gaol and never speak of him again.

    The only reason anyone knows his name is because he cheated.
  7. And because he has one nut.
  8. How about Evans?
  9. I dunno, I always thought the guy a legend. I mean not only being so good on a tredly but beating cancer and living a good clean life, being a great dad that sort of thing.
    And yup he did drugs and other enhancements..... how would have second, third, tenth or even second last gone in a drug test ?
    For mine the sport is to blame not the individual. The way they have washed their hands and pointed the bone makes me sicker than the thought of Lance doing what everyone else was doing
  10. And the only way to fix it is to blame the individuals harshly. They make the decision. Lance frauded his way to the top. The only way to stop doping in cycling is to put those that cheat in a worse position than if they hadn't. Lance would not have won a single tour if he hadn't cheated. He would just be an unknown. It's irrelevant that if he hadn't cheated someone else doping would have won. Clean the sport for good.

    Get cheaters out, there are plenty of non cheaters trying to get on a team in the tour. Anyone caught doping should be instantly expelled from the cycling world. No second chances.

    I watch the tour fanatically every year. There are a few cyclists who have come back from suspension for doping. Why they get a chance again when there are thousands of people who wish to be in their position is beyond me.
  11. Would there be a rider left if they did catch them all ? Riders in Europe are gods. More so even that our footy players are to us.. and I'm betting most footy players are on some sort of drug. I guess what I'm getting at is the expectations we put on them, well we the public, the media and the money makers.
    And as you say, if you are caught then you should be banned for life. Bring the sprt into disrepute and your out for good. But they are letting them bacl after a season or two out like it's no big thing.
  12. I don't know sqaut about the sport, but I call bullshit at your comment.
  13. I heard a line on TV the other night that gave me a chuckle. (I think it was on the Project)

    "He's got a lot of Ball to come out and admit this"
  14. Why Oprah?
  15. He is probably hoping that some of the Love that America/The World has for Oprah will rub off on him.

    I've often wondered why we can't have 2 versions of the Tour De France, one that is clean, no drugs and everyone tested for everything, and another with an open door policy, take whatever the hell you want, get ripped off your tits on what ever you can inject, snort or smoke, then point them towards the nearest Mountain and watch them Cycle up the hill faster than Casey Stoner on a MotoGP bike. Now that is a Race I would watch!
  16. well knowing Oprah's form he will have been well paid for the interview and she would have got him a car and a trip to australia
  17. Yanks are like sheep. If Oprah forgives him, America will. That's the game plan for sure
  18. More of the same old same old from Lance.
    He's conceded as little as possible for the purpose of getting his licence back.
    I'm surprised no one has called him on his assertion that his lifetime ban is a 'death penalty' just because he can no longer make a crust in the manner of his choosing.
    Hey, there's a few billion of us out here who have to make do with a regular job.
  19. I had one person try to tell me that doping in cycling should be legal because everyone does it.

    If we take that idea a bit further and say chemically assisted dating should be legal.... now where's that bottle of rophies.
  20. Can't argue with that.