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You stupid cow!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rabbito, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. The Mornington Esplanade, a very sedate ride with nice view of the bay.
    I pulled up at a junction that would have me turn left to follow this ride. I see a car come up from behind while I'm waiting for a break in the traffic. The car edges forwards alongside to my right...now about this time I thought the geriatric homicidal psychopath was intending to turn right..hence coming up along side....but noooooo, this potential bike killer sees a gap in the traffic..and turns left across me as I'm rolling on the power...WTF!?! A handful of brake,of course the bars are turned so the left foot comes down pretty quick to catch the bike..it could easily turned into a drop.
    So being the mellow easy going sort of guy that I am, I ride along side of her, let her sample the sweet dulcet tones of Stebel while I give the universal 'when you do that...I feel..' statement..I think I may have said something like 'What the FECK are you doing you F@CKWIT ?!' Perhaps it was my poetic prose or the horn but she looked somewhat shocked and offended.
    Some people really make you wonder.:eek:hno:

  2. Leave cows alone, they make milk for your milo, beef for your steak and leather for you to slide down the road in. Cows are awesome.
  3. Damn!

    Just out of curiosity tho....where in the lane we you located to turn left - the left wheel track or the right wheel track? I tend to sit in the right one when turning left to try to control my lane. Or did this numbnut go right around? If the latter then yeah.....chlorinate the gene pool....
  4. Perhaps you took too long to pick a gap.

    Nothing worse than waiting, & waiting, & waiting for someone to decided the one kilometre long gap is almost big enough to execute the turn they (& you) want to make.
  5. No excuse!!
  6. uh, yes it is. i've had some person i was behind in traffic for over 5 minutes waiting for a gap. even when they had 500 metres (the speed limit on the road turning onto was 60) they still wouldn't move.

    they were on their phone and even when i was beeping my horn they wouldn't budge. i went around them, flipped them the bird and rode off.
  7. ahahaah, nice.
  8. Rabbito wasn't on the phone though, was he? :rolleyes:
  9. ... i'm not saying he was ffs.

    i'm just saying that people can take ages and won't move even with sufficient gaps.

    however, i stick by rabbito saying she was a complete cow.

    i was just giving you hypothetical scenarios as YOU said there was no excuse. I'm just saying that you should open your mind as there can always be more than one answer / scenario / option.

    i'm pretty sure i know his riding style, so i don't see how this woman could have justified what she did.
  10. I was pretty much in the centre of the lane..dry roads no signs of slick..she moved around me straddling the oncoming lane. An exceptional display of roadcraft on her behalf..an exceptional amount of restraint shown on my behalf..I think.
  11. Yeah I agree

    everyone is always going on about saving the whales

    I wanna know what the cows did wrong to not warrant such support as the whales get

    hmmm whale skin leathers now theres an idea the japanese riders would go for

  12. The thing is -- does ken lay and the politicians/bureaucrats target such hoon behavior ? no they do not -- yet this is exactly the sort of thing that leads to injuries and unfortunately deaths -- she wen t around you and straddled on coming traffic lane --- is speed a factor here if it caused a head on accident -- no
  13. I'd agree with that, completely, Rabbito! (sarcasm toward cager, noted :)

    She was arrogant, dangerous, and could'nt give a toss...NIIICE!....and then had the gall to be surprised by your lack of acceptance of her stupidity.!
  14. This doesn't excuse your blasphemy towards cows... :evil:
  15. it's okay browny, we love cows. we just don't like human female cows :)
  16. ....love cows brownyy, don't worry.
    I wear one all the time - just wished I knew his name...eurgh!
  17. The one in our freezer atm was named Ted. The one before was named Gus... I forget the ones before that...