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You shouldn't be able to do this with a scooter.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Fixed, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Link depicts unsafe riding.

  2. Unsafe but spectacular, and the scooters are stock standard, too, of course.....
  3. Great clip...didn't know scooters could do that.
  4. That's pretty cool...
  5. lol...the guy in the orange shirt was getting some pretty damn good stoppies.
  6. Outlaw scootercycle gangs!

    Nice find, I've got a newfound respect for scooters after watching that!
  7. Notice the only guy wearing a helmet was the guy on the REAL bike?
  8. new head stem beaarings anyone??
  9. wow , scootersexual gangs !! ..... somebody shoot them before they turn good ....pssssst dont let any of the scooter riders on here see that they may start to think they are as good as everyone else :shock:
  10. exhaust, trans weights and maybe a 70cc kit.


    ive seen similer displays at moana beach also along jetty road on a nice summers day. scooters are apaprntly well balanced on the rear wheel due to the low speed. and if u had noticed they was solid guys and sitting on the back wheel. im sure the bike riders above undestand pivot points and weight transfer.. so why would it be so hard?
  11. Wow, that's a pretty cool video clip.

    Good to see they are all wearing safety gear .......

  12. That's insane but I bet they don't last long .
  13. In my teens in europe, where you can ride 50's at 14yo it's amazing what we used to get up to when we were bored. :D
    You could manage to get 9 ponies out of a 50cc scooter/moped that weighs around 80Kg, that would give you some scrazy moments.
    All good fun and we learnt the in's and outs of 2 stroke tuning !!

  14. desusionL ...... umm yes you are , and I have a remote control car with an engine nrearly as big as your "thing" ... would love to come down to moana beach and see you perform these acrobatics one day , seeing as how you have such a vivid understanding of physics :LOL:
  15. i never claimed i could. i own a two seater so have the extra lenght as opposed to those guys who weight both more than me, and also have shorter chasis lenght.

    stick ur rc car up ur arse for all i care. you keep saying " oh scooter riders so easy to bait" but why the fcuk would some one want an attitude like yours? i havnt read an intelligent post from you yet. try and be constructive in your posts and informative. spread your years of experience out to those who need it instead of looking for a cheap shot like a wanker ever post u make.
  16. mission accomplished ...hehehee .... consider yourself baited , you really do have a great eye for quality transport .... the scooter for fine days , the magna for rain and the RX 7 for fun ?
  17. once again nothing worth reading. why do u bother?

    this is a great site a great forum. its a shame theres one eyed users on here that really do bring down the average IQ just by existing.

    each vehicle is owned and driven for the reasons they where purchased. there for fit for purpose they are perfect examples of wat i need.

    the rx7 is raced at Mallala and driven through the hills. the magna is the dayly shopping and wet weather car, the scooter is cheap transport to work n back. makes sence to me. so how bout u start trying to actually be productive instead of ignorant of those around you.

    knowing theres poeople like u out there actually puts me off buying a bike incase i actually nodded to you by accident.
  18. you can talk about I.Q ?? I counted at least 10 spelling and grammar mistakes right there. What is it you do when you arrive at work on your scooter ? English teacher ? Don't worry theres no danger of you nodding to me by mistake I have an extremely keen sense of smell and can sense s#*t coming from a long way away, so you would know me as the passer by with his middle finger waving happily in your direction.
  19. the fact i dont bother correcting my grammer or spelling has no basis upon IQ, its called dyslexia, i read what it should read not what it actually says.
    as for what i do for work that is of no concern to you. im merely pointing out the fact every post of yours i have seen has been flinging shit at some one and not actually responding to the relevant thread in an appropiate manner.

    instead of saying " good work fellas nice skills" ur picking shit and trying to make yourself feel better by degrading all those around.

    i think you have some underlying issues...
    did a scooter beat u from the lights one day.. or did u get your dress caught in the chain? u get cut off by a kid on a tricyle?

  20. well obviuosly my friend you havent read all of my posts or perhaps you have and your dislexia has skewed the results in your head , as you say you" read what you should read and not what it actually says " I am trying to gain some respect for your kind but when some of the stupid shit "your kind" posts pops up even my pshychologists words seem to fade away and the touretts syndrome just kicks back in .....baby steps is all i can say I am trying to cure my disgust at your kind but its not easy