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You really need to be aware

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Well I'm still damn livid and wanted to pull the bike over for an attitude adjustment.

    Ok here it is , I've come back to Sydney to do some final packing before the move.
    So Im sitting in my work 4WD - 4tonne of raised Landcruiser tray back which towers above normal cars and most similar 4WDs and is so not hard to see.
    Narrellan rd heading east three lanes all stopped at the lights at Mt Anann,
    To my left and just in front is a 8tonne pan-tech with 4 cars in front of me.
    I notice a bike [ turns out to be a CBR125 almost new by the look of it ]
    pulls up so close to the truck that he could have lent forward an touched it.
    1st mistake...........
    Dead center so all he could see was truck and nothing else.
    I watched him admiring his new bike, and the instruments etc, give the tank a little polish with his glove.
    2nd mistake.............
    How was he to know when the lights changed, so he panicked when the truck rolled back about 20cms before moving off
    3rd mistake............
    He had NOT even looked around to see what was in his immediate area car wise as he was to intent looking at his bike and how it shines in the sun lig,ht. [ I know this as I had been watching him the entire time thinking what a goose stopping in that position ! ]
    4th mistake..........
    Without so much of a head check and with his panic at the truck moving he put it in gear and headed right for the spot my 4wd was about to be occupying, some light braking and swerve right from me allowed him through safely as I had been watching this all unfold.
    5th mistake.........
    Seeing as I just saved him and his bike from becoming my own personal speed hump, what do I get ? A bloody middle finger salute in thanks !!

    Sometimes we are our own worst enemy !!
  2. What a c0ckhead
  3. You didn't move out to Leeton, did you? I grew up there.
  4. So are you saying he pulled in front of you? i.e. changed lanes?
  5. I think the moral of the story is that large vehicles should be banned from the roads.
  6. obviously you don't like having a pantry full of food, fridge full of beer and a bike full of fuel. Though with comments like 'ban trucks' i'm not entirely sure you're smart enough to know the difference between left and right.....
  7. stand by for the post "there I wuz checkin my ride....."
  8. LOL. if you ban big trucks how the F*** are you going to get your beast home when you inevitably get hit by one of these 'trucks'?

    Naah. Nothing wrong with cruisers.. they have a place. A time. A purpose.

    Although these single women driving cruisers who cant see over the dash, is HILARIOUS.

    lol. instead of these stupid '$6000 fine and slap wrist' how abouts 'NO FINE, if Advanced Driver Training and Attitude course'?

    Instead of monetarily punishing, how about trying to fix the problem that started all this crap?!

    Educate (by force) instead of hoping a poxy fine will suffice? Any takers?!
  9. Yes Celtic, I'm a 'taker'.

    And I suspect spenze's post just might have been tongue in cheek.
  10. Double post.
  11. The middle finger salute was instinct I am sure as he would have been crapping himself. What a nonce, but hope he learned a valuable lesson that day.