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You really DO meet the nicest people..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. On an early scamper up Macquarie Pass this morning I noted several places with large clumps of tree bark (no doubt brought down by overnight winds) right on the line of the corners, and made a mental note to stop and remove them on the way back down.

    While walking back to my parked bike, still in my helmet and stuff, a young lady in a Hyundai Getz going down the Pass slowed, wound down her window and asked if I was alright! I waved and said I was, while thinking of how may times people post here that no-one stopped when they had actually crashed! There ARE some nice people left in the world :).

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    there's definitely nice people still around, when i dropped my bike on the naturestrip in the wet grass a lady pulled a u turn to come see if i was alright. i think you generally find them more out of the city though. this video comes to mind for idiots not stopping lol
  3. I've had two car accidents (not major) and both times a lot of drivers passing by stopped to check I was okay.

    There is hope for humanity yet :p

    Edit: Oh and I shouldn't forget earlier this year when I came off my bike, a whole bunch of people stopped and one couple in particular bought me water and drove me home!
  4. That's perhaps why Plato wanted to banish the artists: when it comes to telling a story, evil is interesting, goodness is boring. So we spend our days recounting interesting nasties. And places like NR start to look pretty negative.

    Good stuff Paul. I've found on the bike that in appropriate contexts (and the city is generally not one, understandably, depending on the matter at hand) people - all sorts - are very prepared to check on a person and offer help.
  5. nice work mate, nice to hear
  6. I despair that Netrider standards are slipping. Four posts and no-one asked if she was hot. :LOL:
  7. was she hot?
  8. lol one track mind some of you lot ;)
  9. Speaking of nice people I was at Wakefeild a couple of saturday's ago doing a track day and found myself talking to a guy who was talking to some other guy's I know and thought I know you but this person was like no I have never met you.....Later found out he has a twin on this forum :eek: .....

    Do you know him hornet? :LOL:
  10. err, yes, somewhat :LOL:
  11. and yet i have to take my bike to the shop and have to walk home....

    had about 18 bikes go past and look at me walking helmet on back and not one stopped, all looked at me tho
  12. Yep. All too often these days, people's attitude is "I'm sure he's a nice bloke. But, not my problem".
    Not very neighbourly at all.
  13. There are SOME nice people out there. Personally I believe what goes round comes round, so if is see motorcyclist stopped on the side of the road I always stop to make sure their OK. Usually they've just pulled over for a rest, or waiting for someone else to catch up to them.
  14. You can thank Ivan Milat for that
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    Hey, exploiting the outlaw biker image because you want to appear badass and intimidate people has its negatives too. People in the van were scared simple as that.
  16. If that's the video I think it is, I wouldn't have stopped for the dill either. It's not like he didn't have plenty of mates present to pick him out of the shrubbery after he proved he couldn't ride for shit.

    However, returning to Australia, when I had my little shunt a few years ago, loads of people stopped and, although only three or four of them were any actual use, they were all gratifyingly concerned and well meaning and have my thanks for that.
  17. that video has been hacked over here so many times it's barely worth the comment, except t say that in a country where ANYONE could be carrying a firearm, especially bikers (as opposed to riders) most people wouldn't stop either, including other riders

    besides he was such a bad rider :LOL:

    I think there's a good percentage of the population who recognise riders as a legitimate class of people with whom they share the road, and are happy to assist, or at least to ask if everything is OK. The insular, victim-mentality-driven idea that only riders care about and understand riders, is a nonsense.
  18. That's my major concern - the people who stop, what are they supposed to do?

    unless you're a paramedic or doctor, all you can do is call 000 and direct traffic until they get there.

    First aiders are only so helpful, i mean, pretty much all they teach you is to reassure the victim and wait for assistance.

    That may explain why some people, especially when other people are already helping, do not stop. What the hell are they meant to do?
  19. you can't always judge by what you see.

    I was pushing my bike home one early morning after work (1am, punctured rear tyre and no foam fix) 2 blokes in a beat up commodore stopped and I thought, here goes I'm in trouble now.

    they stopped, we talked,they went and got a trailer and dropped me and the bike at home .. never can tell, mind you all the way home I could here that tune from Deliverence playing in my head.
  20. precisely the point of the thread, nobby (y)