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You own a bike, BUT, what would you really like to own?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by goz, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. As the topic says, regardless of how much it costs

    Or you are simply happy with what you have now.

    Will be good to see what the majority will be in regards to peoples tastes in bikes.

    I'll tally it up though the posts as it goes on.

    For me i would like to have [FLUX]'s bike lol

    So a Triumph Daytona 675 for me...

    Ps. This is not a bagging thread
  2. I'm stuck on a LAMS bike until January so for me the CBR250RR is the best bike I could have or want atm.

    Come January however that may change :wink:
  3. Hey, i like your idea :) while i am quite happy with my lil nsr right now i would love a rgv vj22 or a Yamaha R1- 2003 model thanks :p cheers, stef
  4. Triumph x 1
    Honda x 1
    Suzuki x 1

    I'll take your first choice ilovemynsr150sp as you chose 2 :grin:
  5. Bimota DB6R and a B-King.
  6. What I'd really like to own is a track. (track days for bikes on me :grin: )

    I'm pretty happy with the bikes I've got now. Although a 1098r or a DB7 would be nice too. But really I could think of a number of bikes from just about every manufacturer that would be nice to have at my disposal, there's no real No 1 for me. So many bikes so little time.
  7. Very happy with what I have right now, but if money were no object would probably own a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. =P~
  8. BMW K1200S
  9. As far as an "in reach" bike goes I want a street triple :)
  10. You own a bike, BUT, what would you really like to own?

  11. KTM Superduke for me
  12. Still happy with mine after all these years.......

    Maybe, ummmmm............R1
  13. a fireblade
  14. i'd still have my bike, i love my storm.


    all of the following:
    Speed Triple
    KTM940 adventurer

    and a big fcuk estate on the oxley highway just west of Wauchope.

    but at the end of the day, if i was only allowed 1 bike, it would be the storm.
  15. Wish:



  16. I would happily swap my current bike for one of these:
    But I wouldn't swap if for any of the bikes currently available new.
  17. Probably a 2006-7 fireblade, streetfightered with flat bars, a nice and powerful headlight (MT-03 maybe?), bar mounted or bar-end mirrors, braided brake lines (as if those brakes needed any improvement), a good aftermarket dash with accelerometers, fuel gauges etc, and a biggish rear sprocket. Painted 2-pack black. Oh, and extra pickles please.
  18. Hey Grady, that's what I like too! so Lotto would help!
    I'm pretty happy with my bike now... but I want:

    1 carbon fiber racing fairings
    2 A UTE
    3 sato rearsets
    4 custom map
    5 more track days!

    Ok, didn't help much... so I would like to ride a Ducati Hypermotard and a 1098R would be my dream bike atm. :cool:
  19. One of these:


    Regards, Andrew.