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You NEED to get off facebook now

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. #1 Takamii, Dec 30, 2010
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    I had an account for about 3 weeks a few years ago

  2. Very good and so true, never seen the attraction for FB and yes I have an account but rarely go there because it's crap.
  3. I have a Facebook account and don't mind it - I use it quite a bit actually. It's a great way to organise events, keep in touch with people and so on.

    Could I live without Facebook? Of course. But while Facebook exists I'm going to use it.
  4. Talking about facebook, has it been off line at all today.
    Ain't working from here.....

    Doesn't bother me but as an IT person, kids are giving me heaps...
    Always my fault when any hardware or software issues comes up... grrr
  6. yeah, i use it. i'd rather not, but i prefer it over calling people and wasting my credit and typing long individual emails. it's handy as i'm in a different state to most of my mates
  7. Facebook has returned...

    Hmm, wonder if facebook's been doing some upgrading?
    Why I say that?
    I've been running Internet Explorer 9 Beta and it's had a couple of issues with facebook which have all of a sudden fixed themselves!
    And I believe the official release of version 9 is around the corner and will be a part of Microsoft's automatic updates soon.
  8. Yeah Facebook was down for a bit for me. Came online about 5ish me think. I have an account and use it a fair amount...however that doesn't mean I am anti-social and don't go out and see my friends. I usually stay online because I am too poor to head out.
  9. Facebook is the balls, i think. I check in once every few weeks. Yeah yeah. I invited my nephew to be a friend the other day and he had 800 friends or something. Shit, when I went to school the general population was about 800, maybe less. Speaking of, time to check facebook now, got to figure out poke (isnt that writing to a register in basic,,, duhhh)
  10. I use it, but i aint stupid about posting up personal info or overly incriminating photos either.
    Im also not one of those hopeless assholes who post up every single thing they do in their lives every 10 minutes, thinking other people care when all they want you to do is die so you stop filling their screen with drivel.
    I also dont use any stupid applications which is the best way to not have your personal info distributed, nor your account hijacked by some spam machine.

    Long as i can follow those rules ill keep using it. The day i slip ill quit it.
    As with Hol, its handy for communicating with friends. Even my old boy is on it and he managed to get back into contact with about 30 army buddies he hasnt heard from in over 35 years, and they are having a reunion (read: pissup at a pub). So it certainly has its high points!

    edit: i have 122 friends on it, dont respond to pokes, have maybe 2 notifications a day, and have it set so that while people can tag me, noone can actively search for pictures tagged of me unless you are friends with the same person as whose photo it is. i admit i have about 3 friends id call true friends, about another 30-40 id call social friends, another 20 or so id call slightly more then acquaintances... and the rest of the 122 are the online homies. Er... ok... somewhere in there is some family too. I at least know who they all are :D. ive also refused about 400 friend requests from people who have at some point or another been assholes to me in my life and why the hell would i want to talk to them now? :p.
  11. Its great for overseas family to catch up and see pics of grandkids etc.

    ML you are the last person I'd expect a dissing of what is potentially an extra market for your products. Many companies have the facebook link where you can 'like'. Then it appears on your own page. Viral dude. Think viral.
  12. Aint that the truth... :-s


    So some closet EMO uses YouTube to bag Facebook, with reasoning like that it causes people to use terms like ROFL etc, then shows up with a catchphrase like "Dribbling Turbospaz" on his Bob Dylan copycat clip, presumably so people will comment and think he's all that?

    Or did I miss something?

    I suppose he shouldn't use pen and paper like that because of how and what some people write.

    Maybe he thinks if enough other determinedly different and mournfully lost people offer him their praise and approval and pageviews it'll cure his bedwetting or something.
  13. I think it's funny someone using an internet forum to make a comment about another social network.

    Living up here and the relative distance to all our Melbourne friends and family, FB has been a real saving. It allows us to keep track of what's going on in the lives of our friends without having to call them every 5 minutes. It helps coordinate gatherings too. I really don't see the problem with becoming more connected with people. It doesn't replace personal contact, but it certainly supplements it.
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    Thats going straight to my facebook. Im an addict and get on it as much as humanly possible. The future is online so get with the program, your either a facebook fan, myspace fan or an old fart lol j/k :p

  15. I use FB quite a bit, started using it for sharing photos of my son. I am on it quite a bit. If I have friends that I don't talk to much or post annoying emo statuses they get booted.
  16. I like it..it has put me back in touch with people I know but haven't seen for years. Plus I have added a few net riders.I think it's a great way to share info,thoughts a, quick chat or pix. I'll check mine once or twice a day to see who's doing what.
    I dont do the games and compulsive OMG!! click this link posters get hidden.
    @ Motolegion I agree with CFVFR..if you page had a FB 'like' link then I could link another 15 riders who dont use netrider. Think of it as a free, ready made page that you can post up products and pictures.
  17. Its not about using facebook - rather it is about NOT making facebook the center of your life
  18. Correct although some make netrider theirs like hornet
  19. I use this forum and one other. I comment on stuff I find on youtube, which results in the odd exchange, and I have email adds for a lot of people, some of whom I exchange with occasionally. I did once you-sta have an ICQ acct with a very low serial number, but the login broke and then my second one broke and I just stopped using the 3rd one when the level of BS got completely out of hand. That was about '97. I don't face plant, my farce, yahoo grope, twatter, M$N, M$IM, or O-bey.
  20. I'll bet bottom dollar there was resistance for a while to the use of phones/telegraphs/writing of words on papyrus when those were newfangled inventions.

    It's just a method of communication.
    Different methods of communication all have their intrinsic advantages and disadvantages.
    Choose the method that works best for your message.
    Follow with a piƱa colada.