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you MUST look at this !

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by doonx, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. go to Google Australia then to Images

    type in "Citroen Logo"

    1st image :twisted:
  2. I was scared to click on the third image across. It looks very work unsafe to open
  3. nah it's only 3 nake chicks sitting on top of each other :p ;)
  4. I was looking at the first img and I wasn't sure what you were on about...but when I saw the third image I found it rather funny.

    I did the search from google.com.au

    Also may not be work safe to some people.
  5. two citroen logos?
  6. no check ou the 3rd image ;)
  7. Am i missing something here??, all i see is some weird guy looking at a wall and crappy citeron logos. Where is the naked chick Dammit!!!
  8. maybe need to take off"moderated search kraven?
  9. You obviously dont work do you Doonx???

    Too much spare time on your hands i think
  10. Struth.
  11. Skip the google seach and go look at....


    Now there a strange site
  12. on Google Australia in images, it's currently the 1st image

    PNUT - they pay me to stay away ...... :twisted:
  13. If you don't have safe search on its the first if you do there is a screenshot of it as the 3rd.
    Shes ugleh anyway ;)
  14. Found it on google aus, (Right click, Save as)