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N/A | National You may say I'm a dreamer

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thetrumpetplayer, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. I was out for a splendid ride just yesterday, tearing it up past Dee Why/Mona Vale areas soaking up some good weather and vibes. Never mind Sydney's awful traffic for a moment, just enjoy the (slow) rides.

    I had a thought while riding, and it's just dreaming, but worth dreaming about. We know that the government doesn't want us to slow down, because it makes too much revenue from speeding cars & bikes. We know speed cameras aren't effective. We know that they are money-grabbing boxes to raise revenue across the state.

    Imagine for a second, if we all gathered up just one-week's worth of revenue from the country through crowd-funding and donations, and built up a privately-advertised campaign to strongly encourage every single motorist/rider to NOT SPEED FOR ONE YEAR. That's right. A whole year where not a single road user incurs a fine. The government would be screwed. We could sit back and watch them scratch and squirm for coins in their coffers. These are people WE ELECT and listen to. It's time they started listening to the actual road users. Not everyone gets chauffeured around in the back of a limo to and from Parliament house.

    If the whole year works and no fines are made, then we might end up seeing:

    - the end of speed cameras
    - the end of red light cameras
    - no change in road toll (obvious)
    - entire departments dedicated to screwing over motorcyclists (ahem TAC) abolished or completely changed

    We are the road users, we should make the change on how we want to use them. People power, democratic change and revolution. Come dream with me.
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  2. Tbh you cant not speed its so hard :/
  3. We may say you're a dreamer,
    but you're not the only one...

    It's a great principle sure, but my feelings on this would be that if everybody could slow down for a whole 12 months, we'd never have seen a speed camera at all up until now.
    And sadly in Sydney at least, a fair chunk of the (under 25, male) population would see this as a challenge, and possibly even a chance to get their rotten heads on the telly.

    But the dream is worth having...
  4. rather than the advertising campaign, use the money to offer to pay people to not speed. You get $x per month if you don't speed. That's all you have to do. Prove no extra demerit points on your license at the end of hte month, and here's your cheque.

    Works in the US apparently... there was a thread on it somewhere...
  5. Car doesn't have to be over the speed limit to kill a rider. What's in it for us?
  6. Blame everything on us young males why don't you :cry:

    but yes you're right "a fair chunk" indeed.
  7. So what do you think the government does with the money? Thats right, they spend it on services. Sure, a certain amount is wasted, but its not just sitting in the bank waiting for a rainy day. Less revenue from fines means less money to fund the business of government. Of course, they could always put up other taxes to cover the shortfall.
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  8. Haha yeah that will never work. Ever.
  9. In NSW ,if you have no infringements for 5 years , you get your licence for half price for up to 5 years. It helps.
  10. the only problem is that they are going to have to find the money somewhere and they will just screw us another way.

    Speed like f%#$ Just don't get caught.
  11. Conversely can we pay a prescribed fee and be permitted to speed???
  12. Pay the fine in advance, so to speak, with the bonus of no points lost.
  13. Speed/red light camera fines are a fairly negligible amount of money (% wise) for the State's treasury
  14. How about not one single death attributed to speeding instead?

    It's hard not to do a little over, but it's relatively easy not to have at fault solo deaths while at it.
  15. Many of those are attributed to speed, not speeding. Subtle yet important difference :)
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  16. Or if you're my girlfriend who got hit on from the guy at the RTA just the other week as he asked her on date she battered her eyelashes and got her license for 100% off a 5-year.
  17. The carbon tax more than covers this little fantasy.

    How much has the earth cooled so far? Yeah.
  18. Donno bout the earth but the carbon tax has worked in Melb.
    It's been a cold/wet winter
    And it's friggen cold this morning

    Nice dream but if we all stopped speeding, gambling, drinking and smoking income tax would double