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You make us all look bad

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HP4RIDER, Oct 11, 2014.

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  1. Hi folks, today (Saturday 11th) between 9 and 10th I watched a dozen or so L a P platers riding north on Beach Rd Brighton in Melbourne. Apparently it was coolfor some of these guys to pull the clutch and bounce off the Rev limiter. Okay, dumb but...whatever.

    what was crazy was the L plater riding a Japanese harley wannabe pass the right turning cars who were waiting to turn into north Rd. This idiot did so into oncoming traffic through the intersection.

    I was riding my pushy along the bike path so the next time I saw these hero's was with them all parked all over the bicycle and walking paths opposite the Pier Hotel so that riders and walkers had to go around them.

    Apparently most of these 'riders' decided it would be cool to bounce their engines off the Rev limiter. They also were abusing families as the tried to get past them.

    YOU MORONS ARE SQUIDS. You idiots are the reason why we get grief from cops.

    I urge the senior riders here to find out who these idiots are and slap them.

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  2. I hope you were atgatt on your pushbike. There is plenty of protective gear available in mountain bike shops.

    Regarding the bouncing off the limiter, just ask them what is wrong with their bikes that they need to rev it that much. That is what i do, you know do it at the time with the actual people rather than passive aggresive bs on a forum. You know as a snr rider.

    But thanks for playing
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  3. God knows what other stupid behaviour they engage in on their bikes. Totally agree that morons like this paint us all in a bad light. I believe it is these kinds of drongos that perpetuate the view that ALL riders are unsafe and "organ donors" etc, definitely candidates for some slap therapy.
  4. Yeah round up a posse and get some sacks of door knobs, quick...
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  5. Bars of soap in pillow cases bro....
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  6. HP4Rider why didn't you say something as you cycled by instead of calling on "senior riders here" (hahaha) to do something.
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  7. Man lycra could have something to do with it.
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  8. I did...Infact I tried to my phone out to record the bbehaviour. I the had 4 of the go to parktheir bbikesas ythewweretelling me to f*** off.
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  9. A dozen potential assailants could have something to do with it too I suppose...
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  10. #10 Vertical C, Oct 11, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2014
    Recording people on your phone is passive aggresive as well and wont change behaviour.

    Talking to people works.

    You dont need to get in a fight about it. Simple things like asking, why their bike wont idle makes them embarrassed.

    Try it the looks you get are priceless, it is the best putdown. The best i had was when i was on the scooter, this guy was revving his japanese cruiser next to me.

    "Mate what is wrong with your bike?
    Oh i dont need to rev the scooter like that to get it to idle
    It will idle see...
    Oh that is much better, you shouldnt do that revving thing it makes people think your bike is a piece of shit. ride safe see ya."
  11. Guys I've ridden and raced motorbikes for 36 years. I can afford to ride a fully compliant bike so never get issues with the cops. I race in pre mod so get to play at thetrack when I want to.

    These idiots are making us look bad. They're creating the us/them situation.

    Some blokes clearly think I'm whinging. Well, when the cops start hammering all riders for nothing perhaps you might understand why!
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  12. So why not address it with the culprits?
  13. I know what you are saying @Vertical C@Vertical C , however I can understand why people can be a bit hesitant to start some conversations as I have nursed people who have been assaulted (some quite badly) for trying to talk to people in an attempt to intervene or divert some kind of antisocial behaviour. Not saying people shouldn't say anything in these situations but unfortunately good people with good intentions end up being badly hurt and all they did was talk.
  14. I did...I said "come on guys can you get off the path"

    The immediate response was f*** you.

    I then stopped to get some video of it. They saw me a bunch them started parking their bikes and yelling at me.
  15. Sounds like the making of an outlaw club,scary.
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  16. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

    Edmund Burke

    Sometimes you have to take some risk to do the right thing
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  17. Not sure why you are giving HP4RIDER grief for coming here and making a post. Isn't this exactly what a forum is for?
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  18. I dont think its effective, the odds are they are not on the forum and if they are they wont recognise that they were the ones being called out.

    I want this behaviour to stop and the best way is for riders to do it at the time. Behaviour is best corrected at the time.

    Edit. Put it on their forum then but be careful how you do it. You want people to change
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