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You learn a lot about people from their websites

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. It's quite interesting to look at the websites people list in their forum profiles. There's certainly a broad range of interests, and sometimes you learn a lot about some pople. Here's a sample of some ...

    Looking after your most cherished love one is important...

    Wow! 10 bikes in this family...

    How do you speil "Accros"...

    Yeah! My sort of game...

    Fatloaf? There has to be a story behind that name...

    Rugby is for big girls blouses...

    :LOL: A classic :LOL: ...

    Been ages since I've been to a LAN party...

    What do bikes, accordians, and elvis have in common...

    Darth Vader, 2 oranges, and a carrot!!!!!!...

    Kevin Smith rawks...

    With a grin like that, it's gotta be pr0n on the screen...

    It gives you the shitz when caught in a lift :LOL: ...

    Very few links back to Netrider in that lot too :shock: :cry: I wonder how many others I'll find without links :) More sites later.....
  2. wow some wierd people out there. Debauchery ball ? How is it different from bocce?
  3. Ah, is someone Associated with Pawprintz from Netrider? I knew Greg from the days I ran Sunet ISP in Geelong
  4. Don't know about associated, but it was the website listed in a persons forum profile.
  5. Thanks for the plug Jase :p

    And by the way, I find out this morning that I might have broken the bastards..... they were not working.... few unfit people in the stairwell :roll:

  6. It's kind of extreme bocce. Bocce with difficult terrain, alcohol, and rules that get made up on the spot. I still think it should be the official Netrider game...

    Seems to have been invented by a guy called Pat Hahn and his mates in the US. Pat's the author of a book called "Ride Hard, Ride Smart", which I can recommend. :) And he seems to hang out here now and again.
  7. I thought I could learn a bit more about this Website, netrider, by looking at the Meta keywords in the forum pages... interesting.

    Mouth, what the hell is a "curb monkey"? :LOL:
  8. A picture tells a thousand words... It's a warm summers day. Your lunching along the GOR (or stopped at the pedestrian lights). A cute girl spot you and your bike looking oh so fine together. The girl stands there asking you to take her for a pillion ride. Thus, you have a "curb monkey" standing on the side of the road wanting you to take her for a ride on the back :)

    Can also be applied to Chapel St, coffee nights, the cousin at the once yearly family get-together. Male or female.... :LOL:

  9. thanks for clearing that up...

    I think we need a forum section for Curb Monkeys so they can discuss who's back they want to cling to :LOL:
  10. I heard that Clingons were not favourable :)