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you know you've neglected the car when....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fingz, May 4, 2005.

  1. well you proberly thought is was some interesting piece of news or bad ass joke, but it aint. :p
    :D :D scratchy is up for his first service next week and i felt compelled to share it with you all :D :D :D :D

    On that note there is a few things i'll need them to check out, like a minor repair of one back brake that hasn't been fixed yet :roll: :oops: . but also is it common for new bikes to run higher than normal? (which i'll get them to check out) but i thought it was just common (dumb me). My choke still sits 1/4 way out after warm up, most days it's gotta to be half way as it cuts out the engine, also there is a big notice/ jump, ie little margin for bike to handel very differently depending on choke position as above. Correct me if i am wrong, but isn't choke supposed to be off once the bike has had a good warm up and should idle!!??...
    just airing thoughts

  2. You probably have your idle setting too low. Get a mech to check it out.
  3. well.. i know ive neglected my car for my bike, when my 96celica threw a bottom end bearing 2 weeks ago!

    i've only changed the oil on it 8months ago.. but coz i bumped up the compression to 11 and various other engine work it drinks its own oil..

    hmm.. now i gotta do an engine swap.. =T
    and throw away a motor, that had 5g of work done to it.. arrgh
  4. I got a letter from the council asking if my car had been abandoned :LOL:
  5. Cobwebs across my pertrol cap door...
  6. You forgot that you actually owned a car :D
  7. When you have to ferret through your son's clothes to find the keys, only to find it has virtually no fuel
  8. When it sits on the driveway for nine months while in rego and then you renew the rego only to have it sit on the driveway a further six months before a guy pays you $150 to tow it away...:LOL:
  9. ..............when you give it to your cousin to use it until he fixes his after an accident, and after a month and a half he didn't even get a bloody quote :evil: He bought the car to my driveway for service tough :D it was due for oil/filter replacement, and some "noise" that he could hear :shock:
  10. i think my wife has a car :)
  11. you forget you had a car until a greenslip renewal turns up in the mail.

    (or you mow the lawn and find it :)
  12. When your neigbour ask you how much for that old wreck in the front yard....
  13. You actually own 3 cars but not one of them are registered & the project hottie hasn't been touched in about 3 years :D :D
  14. i just sold my car for $200 after i cracked the block.
    got me my loan for my bike though..........hehehhehehehehehehehheheheh :twisted: