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You know you're getting old when...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kernel, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Okay, this has probably been done before. But let's start a fresh one, shall we?

    What's your list of things you've come across which have made you think, "Damn, you know you're getting old when..."?
    My personal list...

    You know you're getting old when:
    18 year olds look like little kids. These ****ers can legally operate road going machinary unaccompanied!
    You take the toilet system lid off to check if you remembered to put the tap on after getting out of the shower to see if it's worth bending down to reach the tap.
    Your legs ache after walking up the stairs.

    What's yours??
  2. ...when you don't recognise a single 'artist' your younger family jabber about.

    I was at a family function last week and was forced to hang around with the younger ones, 16,17,18,18,21. Didn't know a single musician or whatever they were talking about, not even in passing. Then they started drinking later in the know when the adults were out, making horrified faces while doing vodka shots and just had to get out of there, they were making me feel so old. Still weirds me out the 18yo's can drive, and my 17yo brother will be able to next year, they all still look about 12 to me.
  3. I no longer have the energy to go over to the mainland to buy onions to hang off my belt.
  4. When I can't read the new site because the text size is too small and feint.
  5. Speak up, Sonny.
  6. Who are you? Oh I see your name is in the dark, so I turned the light on to see it. :p
  7. Now then, what did I come into this thread for?
  8. Onions, it was onions. Wait there are no onions here.
  9. ... when you start making the same grunting and groaning noises your Dad does when getting up out of a chair.
  10. Your dentist looks like the work experience kid.
  11. Your doctor looks like the work experience kid...
  12. There is a news item about a recently deceased movie star and you start reminiscing about all the great films they made that you used to like watching.

    You don't recognise any songs played on the radio. not.a.single.one.

    You have to refer to Urban Dictionary to translate every scentence you hear at work.

    You turn down a dinner invite to the local RSL 'cos you just can't stand the hip, trendy scene, and thier young folks music.

    You refuse to acknowledge that a DJ is a genuine musical artist.

    You actually look forward to attending a high school reunion

    You refuse to place any trust in a fart
  13. The last bike I bought new is eligible for historic racing.
  14. You start sentences with "in my day..."
  15. When regailing people with your funny stories, they start as follows: "Five years ago... actualy, more than that. Probably 10 years... aw fcuk it! 25 years ago...."
  16. You realise the woman you are sleeping with is a grandmother...
  17. You fantasise about sidecars..
  18. when you shave your head to hide the receeding hair line....but the stubble still gives it away
  19. when you can remember buying your first gun at Kmart
  20. When you got your bike license by riding around the block.