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You know you're a motorcyclist when...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by mav, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. ...the missus gets upset at you for filtering with her car

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  2. You 'rev' the shopping trolley
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  3. you headcheck when you're in the supermarket aisles
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  4. People step sideways to avoid you when you're dressed in your motorcycling finest. Particularly noticable for those in leather, carrying a helmet.

    ETA: ..and you nod to motorcyclists, even when you're in the cage..
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  5. when pushing a wheel barrow at work you try and get it as low as possible around the corners.

    doing head checks, blipping and making engine noises while pushing the wheel barrow.
  6. You use indicators for turning and changing lanes.

    Hahaha, always used to do that. Decked it out and rolled the barrow several times as well.
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  7. ...You nod at a bike waiting at the traffic lights... when you are walking across the road....8-[
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  8. ...when you try to lean against the seat in car - going around a tight corner. :)
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  9. You refresh the rain radar on the bom website every 5 minutes between 4 and 5 on a workday.
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  10. ....when you try to judge the make of motorbike as it zooms past your house/car/bike. You hear it and then thimk 'hmm..sounded like a Ducati/R1 etc'.
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  11. You forget to use the windscreen wipers in the car when it rains
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  12. ..when you get held up at work for half an hour after knockoff time by some ex rider co employee who just wants to stand around talking about his old bike.. Geez, just go buy another one and stuff what the missus says!

    (this happened last week.)
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  13. You punch the car door accidentally trying to do the "you've left your indicator signal on" hand gesture.
  14. ...when you look forward to Mondays (After a non-bike Sunday) as you will be able to ride to work. :)
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  15. when polishing your helmet takes on a whole new meaning............
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  16. You lean through corners whilst in the car.

    :rofl: Guilty as charged!
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  17. :rofl: Ahhh Tweet! Hahaha...
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  18. My brother in law pushed my shoulder up straight as I was driving his car, You steer these things, you dont lean them,
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  19. ...don't laugh!!.. *embarrassed grin*... I've done it!....:facepalm:
  20. When you see a pretty girl on a motorbike, you catch yourself checking out the bike...
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