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you know you got isssues when....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jphanna, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. guys i live in a 60 year old house, that was built on a fault line in the foothills, in adelaide fringe suburbs. my house is definately in the category of knock down and start again. it only has a footing (as opposed to a proper slab) and the 'back bone' is well and truly broken on it.

    well cracks in the walls, ceilings, cornices, outside walls are everyday fact of life in 'pre concrete reinforced slab' days.

    well i got sick of looking at all the new cracks appearing so i decided to stop using plaster (and choke to death with all the dust and mess) and just use silicone gap fill to fill up the never ending gaps appearing.

    i bought 4 tubes of it, to use with silicone gun, and that was not enough.....

    do you have any horror house stories to tell?
  2. Definitely not as bad as you...personally I would have set the house on fire by now!

    The only issue at my house is that the land is ever changing (clay)...during the dry spell the land was nice and flat, however due to last years down pour and now this year, my garage is sinking at a faster rate than my house (or my house is rising/standing still). There is a gate between my house and garage with a gate lock which has the locking pin go into the garage...since the garage is sinking I have to extend the hole in the vertical every so often. The lowest hole is about an inch from the top hole...but currently it sits in between the holes which indicates my house is now sinking.

    Will see how far it drops after recent down pours haha.
  3. Hey jp, I'm just up the hill a tad from you, in Eden Hills.

    Our old place (rented) was 100 years old, solid stone, with original wiring. Turn one heater on in winter - fine. Turn another on - blown fuse. Turn one heater on plus toaster - blown fuse. Toaster plus kettle - you may be lucky. Tried getting a ceiling fan installed - electrician wouldn't touch it due to the cloth-covered, cap and case wiring in the ceiling.

    Not the nicest house to live in, that one. Stayed there 10 years because it was cheap!
  4. Living in Adelaide eh. That is indeed a horror story....
  5. hmmm we did an extension here in sunny melb about 15 or 16 years ago, bastard builder left us and about 25 other projects around melbourne in a very incomplete state. He was insured so didnt give a shit, closed shop under masterbuilders on friday, new company name and new 'body' alternative to masterbuilders and bastard was back in business... Talkin about no bathroom, kitchen, only sleeping areas and two kids at ages 3 and 5 hreatless pricks didnt give a flying fark..
    err thats about it from me :) and life moves on!! twas a shitful time tho
  6. Oi!
    15 minutes to beautiful beaches (with no stingers), 10 minutes to work, 5 minutes to great twisties, twisties all the way on the eastern edge of the suburbs, Australia's premier wine producing state with the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills wine regions all within very easy reach of the city, not too much traffic, half-decent climate, Haigh's chocolate made here, and on it goes.
    It's not a bad place to live at all.
  7. Farmers Union Iced Coffee and twisties THROUGH one of the the countries best wine regions.
  8. ^^ does anyone outside southoz drink that pigswill??
  9. I'm going to move to SA for the flavoured milk.
  10. you're victorian
    you don't count
  11. but they got Pandas
  12. and bodies in barells.................

    i do miss a classic chocalate milk,
    big M is just foul tasting crap
  13. One of my old friends was searching around trying to find farmers union iced coffee when she moved to Canberra.

    Also Chain of Ponds and Gorge Road are great fun.
  14. Fixed it for you.
  15. you missed deviation road (suitable name too), the corkscrew (another suitable name) eagle on the hill (gotta love devils elbow) windy point. and amny many others.

    for some good fun roads, try and find the old classic adelaide routes:p
  16. Here for another two days. I need to find a Harley shop, my peg feelers are gettong a bit short.
  17. what are peg feelers.
  18. An unusual type of paedophile.
  19. Good old Adelaide the only cemetery in Australia with traffic lights.
  20. stuff like this can scar a person for life.....sorry to hear that you got shafted. makes my 'problem' seem a joke.

    i hope that guy got what he deserved in the end, even if you never find out about it.