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You know what show's freakin' awesome?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, May 29, 2008.

  1. "Grand Designs" on ABC at 6pm Thursday's. That's it. That's all I gotta say.

    Who's with me?

    *cough*I'm a geek*cough*...what?

  2. :?
    Geez .. I was expecting "Gillian's Island" :oops:
  3. Is that some wierd pRon version of "Gilligan's Island"??? :shock:
  4. :rofl: :rofl:
    Come on ... its evening and I've had a few reds :oops:

    PS: I am starting to get a little concerned, seems I'm ding this kinda thing way to often ( missing characters ).. an age thing??? :roll:
    :shock: and THAT was not a deliberate spelling mistake either
  5. my fiancee has recently gotten into this show too :) its on during the day at somepoint too. she has been watching that one. will let her know its on then as well. i've seen a couple of episodes and its pretty fascinating to see what these people do and how much it costs!!! some of them are over the top extravegant.
  6. The beach house they did last week was cool :)

    I missed tonights episode.
    The daytime episode last week in the french alps was also very cool. :cool:
    As was the castle in Italy the week before.

    I can only dream.
  7. Yeah the one on Thur evenings is "Grand Designs Abroad" an offshoot of the std one that she watches. Pretty much every episode is about Poms that have a mid life crisis and sell everything they own to schlepp their kids over the channel and build a house in the south of France or in Spain without ever having visited there or speaking the language and pi$$ing the locals off coz they build some crazy architectural thing out of character with the rest of the village and then they make fun of how backwards the country building codes are!!! :LOL: :LOL: but quite good! :grin:
  8. What, missing the second 'o' in "too often" :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah that's cool I do the same, and 'The Glenlivet' only seems to make it worse hehe :?
  9. Yeah if only you could get all the crap over and done with in 50 mins like the episode does and not ACTUALLY have to deal with all the crap they do!!!
  10. Guilty as charged...McCloud is the man.
  11. The most recent series of Grand Designs is also on Lifestyle channel at 8.30pm on Thursday nights.

    What fascinates me about the show is the amount and type of prefab stuff some of the people use - some of it would be better off being built on site.
  12. Not as good as Scrapheap Challenge on 21 (ABC2)
    Such a blokes show :grin:
  13. I yak with some folk on a UK forum, and they entered a team in scrapheap challenge. They came away sorely disappointed, it's all rigged.
  14. Sounds like I know what show I am downloading ( I mean buying! ) next!!! Scrapheap challenge eh?!? sounds good....! :grin:
  15. Yeah Caz, what they do in "10 hrs" is super human :LOL:
    They still turn out some cool stuff.
    Seems funny how scrapped trucks cars and bikes still run :?
  16. The parts they need miraculously appear at the right time too!
  17. yes scrap heap challenge is awsome but unfortunately it gets turned off at 7 when two and a half men is one, that show is freaking hilarious!!!

  18. A lot of crappy US sitcoms shit me, but i have to admit, that can be VERY funny! :LOL: :LOL: