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You know the George IV in Picton, NSW? Is there a VIC equivalent?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bcg, May 23, 2010.

  1. HI Guys,

    Finally got a bike again after being in Melbourne 2 years.

    Those of use from NSW will remember the George IV in Picton (Before it was sold and turned to shit), a good ride from most directions with a damn good pub at the end which always had a dozen bikes out front (50+ on sundays).

    Is there a Victorian equivalent? A good pub popular with weekend riders?


  2. St Andrews pub seems to have bikes out front on a Sunday but I've not stopped there myself (yet)
  3. holgates woodend.
  4. Vineyard, St. Kilda.... ha ha
  5. Powelly Pub (Powelltown Hotel)

    it doesn't look much from the road, but kinda like the Tardis,
    all the good stuff is inside and out the back.

    the owners John and Ronie are awesome.
    meals are wicked and good value.

    tell 'em one of the Gilderoy boys suggested you drop by.
    (and they'll probably give you a clip round the ear :p)
  6. bcg,

    I mostly start my rides from Epping, so look fwd to seeing you on the roads soon :)
  7. If NSW riders are no longer going to the King George IV at Picton, where is their choise of pub these days?

    I have been there more than once or twice, but that was a while ago.