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You knew you were going to ride.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MotoTraveler, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. You can see it’s drizzling, you have checked the weather the 10th time. You know you hate the train commute, buses are worse. You weigh your options even though you have made the decision.

    You know there are mad drivers on roads, roaming free, ready to bite any time. You think of those V8 brick houses on wheels, you imagine that busy lady with her make-up kit in hand, you imagine that 40something man texting and feeling proud of multi-tasking. You think of frustrating, angry commuters sipping coffee, changing radio channels, reading newspaper, ‘liking’ their ‘friend’s’ posts, scratching their arse. You think about each one of them, like you, going to work trying to make a living in their big car, small car, but a car. You think, you hope they are not rushing to work, you hope they are regular commuters, you hope they know it will be a long time before they get to be in the office, the towering buildings visible at the horizon. You hope they know people commute on motorcycles too. People, just like them, not evil, need to put bread on the table too.

    After thinking all of this, for one and half minutes and another observing look at the sky, you decide to ride to work again. You trust yourself, your instincts, your bike, your luck. You make it. You survive. You knew you were going to ride.

    It is 5pm. You look outside, clouds, few drops, slippery surface, limited visibility. You think about the drivers, you hope they didn’t have a bad day. They are hungry, tired, just want to go home, like you do. You trust yourself, your instincts, your bike, your luck. You make it. You survive.

    Tomorrow is a new day. You know you are going to ride.
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  2. Well written and i like the way you put it in words what most of us think every morning and afternoon! Every rainy day i always have a good look at my car but always end up taking the bike!!!
  3. For me the thought process is far more simple.

    Do I have to go to work? - Yes. Is it raining? Yes. Put wet weather gear on and get the bike out of the shed and ride to work.
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  4. Only coz i don't own any rain gear :shock:... In all the years of riding in the rain, never actually never went out to buy one :D. My Textile SIDI jacket is waterproof enough and pants... well... they dry out soon enough or i just carry a sape pair... 8-[
  5. Is it raining? Yes. Open umbrella and walk 70 metres to bus stop. Wait for bus for anywhere up to 5 minutes. Get on bus. Get off 4 minutes later. Walk 200 or so metres to class or work.
  6. +1 to that!

    No car = ride bike regardless...
  7. I got a bike instead of a car

    never regretted it once, even in thunderstorms

    you live on a bike, you sit in a car
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  8. =D>
  9. to have the same fun in a car you would need to be jeremy clarkson

    if you find yourself having a whine when it rains:

    'harden the f uck up"
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  10. Dry when I left this morning, sunny in fact, dark an pissing down now.

    Don't mind getting soaked on the way home- saves having a shower
  11. Couldn't of said it better myself.

    Most of my fun commutes (granted it's hard to find going to work enjoyable) have been in the rain, whether it's been riding in knee deep water or splitting traffic for 10kms because they've closed the one of the bridges out of the area due to flooding and traffic is at a standstill.

    I'm lucky enough to have a job where I have access to showers and a place to store my gear safety without people pinching it. The only thing that is bad about the rain is forgetting to put a spare pair of undies in the bag.
  12. My bro asks what happens when it rains?

    "you get wet."

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  13. Free ballin' :D
  14. There is nothing worse than a cold wet crutch if the water gets in and you still have a very long way to get where your going,
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    Sounds like a girl i used to know

  16. Thanks Captain - I do the same too until lately when I have to be on the client site. That ticket price hurts too!
  17. VERY Well written Motodry!

    Only thing is - fortunately I personally dont own a car. My wife does and she uses it to commute.

    I'm left with no option but to ride to work, no matter what the weather. How awesome is that! :)
  18. Riding in the rain is like jumping into the ocean when it's below 20C. It seems scary, impossible to do. You need to balls up, the second you are on the bike is like the second your head goes under the water. It's not that bad, actually it is full of awesome.
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  19. Busses are for homeless people and murderers.