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You have to laugh at this....

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by mischiefmaka, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Who would have the word " obey" in their wedding vowels anyway? Pffft

    I love how u have to wait until he falls asleep b4 u put in ur rollers and remove your make up and slap on the night cream :rofl::rofl:
  2. geez, i am printing this as we speak, the missus need to have a good read of this...btw do you have the rest of the book???:bolt:
  3. Weird.

    Times haven't really changed have they.

  4. good advice... don't understand why they can't teach basic life skills for girls in schools nowadays
  5. A friend has that book, I will ask if I can have a look over it...
  6. Epic troll textbook is epic.
  7. Wedding "vowels" ????

    So you're only allowed to use a,e,i,o and u???
  8. a small groan of aproval is all we realy need lol
  9. How nice and peaceful does that sound.
  10. Times have definitely changed as now the first three things the bride sees as she walks into the church is what she thinks for the rest of her life;
    • Aisle
    • Alter
    • You
  11. lol Im a dumb arse 8-[ obviously wasn't paying attention when typing...which is fairly normal for me :nopity:
  12. & sometimes y!

    Ah the good old days, how I long for thee...
  13. Hmmm...

    "The more unusual practices"? I wonder what the author would class as unusual :)
  14. God I wish I was born a hundred years earlier.

    Actually fifty would do. At least they had TV and motorbikes.
  15. anything more than spooning.
  16. I do believe I heard my name called.....
  17. The gf didnt appreciate me bringing this up as a joke in the bedroom
  18. I bet that was all that was brought up that night.
  19. so no forking?

    ..... :D get it?