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you have to be kidding...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Pickles auctions:
    Motorcycle Details - Stock No 2094687

    brand new ducati 1098 farked. :roll:

    so so sad.... why are people so unkind???
  2. ..."ridden with passion"

    Or maybe "Lent to brother-in-law" :p
  3. what really gets me is this is a bike that is beyond the grips of me a mear mortal to afford and ride and some wanker has droped it in less than 2000k!!!

    I would move my bed into the basment to sleep handcuffed to it... just so i could be asured that it wouldnt dissapear and i can get a good nights sleep :wink:
  4. Really written off?

    Surely you could part it out for a pretty-penny... I presume the frame is damaged somehow, but it doesn't look like it's been through the garbage disposal.

    Italian L-twin go-kart with the engine?

    Pipes are still intact...
  5. i can sense the vultures circling already on this we beastie... :cry: Its going to make some duc wrecker alot of money really soon.
  6. Huh... Its damage is described as "Light panel near side", and the clutch lever and pegs are not even bent? I can't imagine why that should be a write-off at all?
  7. Definately been down on its left side.
    Piece missing from left upper fairing, damage to lower fairing and to tail piece. Also damage to tank on right side.
    hard to tell from photo but the rear subframe looks damaged as well.
    It must have some more damage to be a write off. with out looking at the bike it is too hard to tell what it needs.
  8. Most likely it's a clause in the policy that if it's damaged within 2 years or whatever then it's replaced with new.

    insurance company should repair it and sell it but most fo them dont know much about bikes and wouldnt want to.
  9. nice espensive Street fighter any one ? :)
  10. Don't be so quick to say that some wanker has dropped it. Just cos you own a Ducati, New one even, DOES NOT mean you are all of a suddden a transperant ghost to all the wanker drivers who are not paying attention and trying to drive into you.
    One week, ONE WEEK after i bought the My Ducati, a mere 7 days, I was riding up Glen Osmond Rd one morning for a college retreat day up at Lobethal and a lady eating an icecream and trying to drive pulled out from a BP service station and T-Boned me on the Duc, Straight into my left leg. (The bike jumped about a meter sideways) Miraculously i did not drop the bike and managed to keep it upright, But i could not use my leg for a few hours after that (Very Very Bruised). I could have easily fallen into your catagory of "some wanker dropping his Duc" if she had left a split seccond earlier or later and hit either the front or the back of the bike. The only thing that stopped my leg from being broken was the lower leg body armour in my full suit leather i was wearing, If it had been Jeans, bye bye leg. The impact was so hard it smashed my left leg into the fairing, causing the blinker and headlight of her car to smash and shatter, and fully denting the fton drivers guard. About 3 months of dealing with her insurance company they bike was fully repaired for all the samage done to it.

    So please dont assume all bike riders that have dropped the bike or damaged it somehow have done so becuase they have been doing wanker stuff. It takes two to tango, and i bet ALOT of other riders here on this forum have had similar experiences with motor cars on the road they wear are just trying to kill them. Its a War out there people, and we are on the defensive. Car drivers will never look out for us (Unless they too are also motorbike riders themselves).
    Lets NOT assume this guy reversed his bike under the car behind him.
    So give the former owner a break, you dont know the cuircumstances for what happened. Personaly I just hope that the poor rider of the bike is Ok. I mean they bike may not look too bad, but who's to say it didnt happen in heavy traffic from a car changing lanes into him and and poor guy was run over from traffic behind him.

    I am not having a go at anyone and this is not directed at ward_4e at all. So dont think bad of me bud.
  11. '92_Ducati_900_SS (or Paul for short :wink:) ~ How did you manage to keep the bike upright after that? :shock:

    Have you met our VTRBob? He, too, performs miraculous feats of uprightedness.
  12. I wouldn't get too worked up Mr 900 SS.

    After all, nobody in Netrider drops there GPX250, Across's, Spada's and CBR250RR's within 2000 kays... :roll:
  13. so sad that you think because of your choice of motorcycle brand it earns you one of my golden "wanker" star awards... your too touchy mate.

    I was reffering to the poor crashed motorcycle having such short life span at the hands of a ....

    I dont discriminate when i call someone a wanker... wankers ride all makes and sizes :wink:
  14. ward-e

    if you were on a brand new one and found yourself in a position where you were heading for the side of a truck, would you

    A) drop the bike and go under it

    6) stay upright and go into it

    i rode with this message in my psyche

    the bike is replacable, i am not

    you have to value yourself much more than the bike. even if you do plan to handcuff yourself to your lover in bed.

    ya freak!
  15. I do get handcuffed not always to bikes... :wink: besides the real police ones hurt... random events etc yes bikes are replaceable mr stump. You are further down the road of broken than I am, I've fortunate that nerve dammage and a few scars is all I have accrued but I have come to the same conclusion as you have... survival wins out. I started this thread to show a broken beauty... instread as with all sore topics it has inflamed a few people... so sad.

    oh well enjoy looking at the broken bike people... I'm off to sms...
  16. I have no idea how i managed to. Seriously by all rights i should have gone down, hard. Only explanation i have is "The hand of God" Theory.

    Geezz i didnt mean to cause this much of a stink. Please accept my apology if i upset you, But i did add this to the bottom of the post "I am not having a go at anyone and this is not directed at ward_4e at all. So dont think bad of me bud."
    And also i know your werent refering to Duc riders. I want being toutchy at all. I only refered to my Duc in the post becuase i had one too, thats all. If i had a Yamaha, i would have said "My Yamaha."
    So yeah its all good mate and seriosuly i wanst haveing a go at you. Tis cool :grin: OK?
  17. Paul, your post did sound a bit touchy...

    It's a damn shame to see such a brand spankers current model "barely out of the box" bike smashed up.

    I wonder what the story behind the prang is??
  18. Now Now Rob, that would be speculating.

    Tut. Tut.
  19. But I waaaaannnnnaaaaa!!!!! :tantrum: :LOL: