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You have $25,000 to spend

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by matti-san, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. OK let's say you had $25,000 to spend on some toys. Please follow the bellow criteria and give your thoughts.

    1: Dirt bike for dad, not motocross more trail riding, must be registerable

    2: Dirt bike for the little tacker, 70 or 80CC auto clutch

    3: Road bike for dad, cool and cruisy like, weekend use only, bit different

    4: Plus dirt bike gear for dad and son

    Over to you. :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. 1) F650GS Dakar for the Girlie - she lusts after one.

    2) S/H R1150GS for me.

    3) 3 months of mortgage repayments and go around OZ!

  3. 1) Massive TV to complete the home entertainment centre once and for all.
    2) 2 small and 1 medium quad bike and safety gear for the girls
    3) Personalised number plate for the Husband KROEB
    4) Leather jacket and pants for me!

    Donate the change to The Cancer Council :grin:
  4. Sorry me no explain proper, the $25,000 is to be spent as per list! Motorbikes!!! :grin:

    I am doing some market research before I spend my money in March next year.
  5. Sorry, Matti, not the least bit interested in dirt bikes. But 25k would buy a couple of nice road bikes!!!
  6. 1. Suzuki DRZ400 (best mass market trail bike on the market). $8000
    2. Yamaha TTR90 (3 spd, auto clutch, 4 stroke - cheaper than Honda). $3500
    3. Triumph Bonneville (good price, good cruiser) $12000
    4. Bike gear $1500
  7. You could get a lot of hyosungs for that money...
  8. $12,000 on top notch Kwak H2 750.

    $4,000 on a Stan Stephens tune and assorted engine trickery.

    $3,000 to make it (sorta) handle.

    $3,000 on a stock of tyres, chains, plugs, pistons and 2-stroke oil.

    $3,000 as down payment on PAYG funeral plan.

    Sorted :grin: .
  9. and one of them might work!
  10. How many people you buying bikes for? :LOL:

    My other take (if I didn't have a motorcycling Girlie to share trips with) would be:

    1) TRX850...

    2) KTM 640 Adventure

    3) Old BMW beater like mine for commuting and parking where mofo's would steal both of the above... (But don't tell Eva the Ãœberbrick I said that or she'll perform more acts of protest than she already has this week...)
  11. Well in that case make mine a Honda 2007 CBR1100XX Super Blackbird with Pazzo levers, chrome bolt kits all over, chrome grills, black double bubble... hell just give me every accessory my husband has and personalised plates, that should be at least $25K :LOL:
  12. You forgot the exhaust system for Pauls bike .. :p
  13. Ditto the no-likey-spendy-money-on-traileys.

    Perhaps change the subject title??

    If I had $25K no strings attached to spend on biking in general... I'd probably spend up on some suspension, bling and performance tweaks, then blow the rest on a fully fledged trackday set up with a view to club racing...

    Matti, maybe a chookchaser of some kind for your old man?
  14. PatB, classic, absolutely classic :rofl:. I'm second in the queue ").
  15. Moar like 1968 H1 500, amirite? H2 is for pussies :wink:
  16. Gotta have more cubes. A trip to Stan the Man will take care of all that nasty tractability :grin: .
  17. I think matti is specifically looking for the 3 kinds of bikes he mentioned - trailies for him and the little guy and a cruiser. So dream about stuff for yourself on yer own time! :p

    It would help to know how old the little guy is - advice is different if he's 5 or 9 or 13.

    I'd agree with the DRZ for a registrable and fun trailie for an adult. In terms of cruisers in that money maybe something like a C50?