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You have $2.00 to spend at Woollies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. You buy these:


    Nori/Wasabi dusted, roasted peanuts.

    They are the greatest food EVER.

  2. Errrr....thanks, I think ? :?
  3. Have you got the bong bubbling on at home dude :roll:
  4. try the peas! they come in peas and peanuts. the peas are great too. dried peas coated in wasabi. head chef at work bought them in for us to try a few weeks ago
  5. That would explain the munchie food :p
  6. The peas! Get the peas!
    They are the best.

    Sometimes you get a REALLY hot one in the batch and Yeeehaaaww!! your nose is running and your eyes are watering flatout.

    Gotta love food that bites back.
  7. And the fact he's only got $2 to spend.
  8. Try them first.

    Then come back and try to pry your grateful lips from my hot and benevolent arse.

    Yes, Easyrollin, the peas are on my list to try :grin:
  9. seems our newcomers dont quite understand our ktulu :roll:
  10. Us oldtimers don't quite understand him, we just accept..... :p
  11. And if we did, would we better or worse for it ? Judging by his avatar he should be eating babies not peanuts.....

    No offense intended Ktulu......
  12. ahhh ktulu....
    they have been out for a while ...... from memory... about 7years or even more??
    but yeah they are good snack food :grin:
  13. +1 the Peas Rock
  14. Acknowledged. Consumption will begin imminently.
  15. Does anyone like wasabi cheese? I love that stuff.
  16. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wasabi cheese =P~
  17. Never heard of the cheese.

    Where from?
    describe it!!

    +1 for the peas
  18. I've heard wasabi mayonnaise is pretty good to on some things as well...anyone?
  19. Coles sell it. dunno about woolies.

    Guess im having cheese and crackers for dinner. Some camembert, some Triple Brie and Ashgrove "Exotic Selections" Wasabi cheese.


    And of course some homebrew beer and red wine.
  20. I had cheese on my wasabi once. It sort of built up under the...

    Waaaait a minute.