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You F***ing Tool!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MR_PEA, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. I was coming back from safeway in Mentone this arvo from getting my lunch, i was driving one of my work mates cars,, ne who i came out onto balcombe road and i was signaling to turn into a side street. traffic was blocked up and it was only single lane traffic both ways.. so im sitting there waiting for an opportunity to turn Right into the side street, and a car stoped for me and high beamed me to indicate that he was not going to move.. so as i started to drive across the road. im about 2 meters across the line when i notice some f***ing tool on a blue R1 overtaking the car that stopped on the inside.. as luck would have it he pulled up in time.. and i was moving quick enough to avoid putting this dick in hospital..
    There was no indication that he was there and i dident even see him to the last second, as well as having several parked cars there i defiantly dident expect him to be there!
    so please when you are splitting on the left watch for intersections.. as you might end up in the boot of someones car!

  2. wot a spanner.

  3. thought this was going to be about me for a second, until i saw R1... phew lol
  4. Same here, till I saw Melbourne...

    My day will come 8-[
  5. Same here...until I saw the suburb.

    That and the fact that if I ever make a move like that I do it slow.
  6. the worst thing about this is that, even though the guy in the car gave way to me, the bike would of still been in the right, even though he was overtaking on the left...
  7. some people think they are invincible until they slide/get hit or both.
  8. Well, up until the moment when I first came off I was definitely invincible...it was just a limited time offer though :D
  9. You need to hit the balance between riding with no confidence and over-confidence.

    Either of these results in a crash waiting to happen. If you ride with commitment and keep your head in the zone without going into "I'm captain amazing" you're generally alright.

    Having said this however, I have come off whilst in the zone but I like to think that they were due to external forces waaaaay outside my control.

    I.e. Eastern Creek: Last lap, girl on the checkered flags was cute, I thought giving her the thumbs up about me seeing the flag was a good idea... I can usually take a hand off the bar and keep her rolling but I was knee on the deck exiting turn 12 (which is just before the massive straight where you ping it so its a quick corner) and as I put the hand back on I managed a highside. (fark still feel like a wanker for this one... 8-[ )

    and my favourite moment of all where queen "I've gotta make the orange light" turning in front of me occured... If I was in the middle lane going into that intersection I could have avoided it but instead i was in the RH lane and buffered to the middle when I saw her gun it.

    Both these illustrations are of me teetering on over-confidence whilst in the zone. An underconfidence accident occurs through space cake moment's like "what's on for dinne... oh shit a rock!" or "okay try to lean, oh crap there's stuff on the road! *snaps off the throttle*, oh crap going a bit wide... oh no I hope I don't hit that tree...oop, getting bigger, aaaah tree!"
  10. So if I've got this right, you were at a give way or stop sign and the guy on the bike had right of way, you then pulled out without looking properly and and nearly cut him off. It was only his skill/luck that he managed to stop before you ran in to him.

  11. My thoughts exactly Mick. Would have been the same old story that we complain about. "Sorry mate I didn’t see you". Regardless of who has right away farken look!
  12. That isn't what he said. He was on the main road, turning right into a side road. As traffic was bascially stationary, an oncoming car flashed him to indicate he could turn across traffic. While all parties need to be vigilant in such a situation, the motorcyclist broke one of my sacred rules:

    Never ever, ever, ever, ever pass stationary traffic to the left of the left lane. No. No excuse. Never ever do it. If you do, you are asking to die, and you have no sympathy from me.
  13. Either way, he made an illegal and dangerous turn without looking properly and it nearly caused the death of someone who was performing a perfectly legal manouever.

    I can just imagine old matey on the R1 telling his mates "Some f**king tool tried to kill me today. I was riding down the road and the cars in front were stopped, so I passed on the left, then this f**king moron turning right from the other side cut me off, the prick didn't even f**king look".

    I do agree though that EVERYONE needs to be vigilant.
  14. You know what? Why were you making a turn across built up traffic instead of looking for somewhere better to make that turn, say an intersection perhaps.

    If you had no choice, fair enough. If it was just a more personally convenient place for you to make that turn, but you were fine blocking a lane to do it, then quit your bitching.

    I have a dozen monkeys taking shortcuts in their commodores to drop the afterbirth off at school every morning near my place, not a single one going down the block to the traffic lights, all of them content to hold up traffic so they don't have to wait for the little green arrow.

    And I bet every single one of them has done what you've done and not even thought about whether or not they were at fault.

    /rant. lol.
  15. i ride my bike almost every day, and this incident really shit me up the wall, because like i said before, even though i was looking, i didn't see the guy until he was at my passenger door.
    in terms of the law we were both breaking it..
    - i failed to give way
    - the biker was overtaking on the left.
    im not saying that i was in the right.. but i would of never expected someone on a bike to be approaching an intersection while splitting with stationary traffic, and not be aware that some one may be turning right in front of them..

    like i said before i was on a main single lane road waiting to turn right into a side street.
    there was parked cars on both sides of the road. traffic was stationary heading the other way. and a car stopped for me and flashed me to go ahead. as i was halfway across the lane i notice the bike.
    there was no indication that the bike was there up until the last second.

    i am very thankful that he pulled up in time and missed me..
    all im asking is to be more careful out there, and to concentrate on what is going on around you.
  16. how was it illegal? He was turning into a side street. If its a one lane road and the lead vehicle stops, why should he expect the second vehicle to magically jump in front?

    Secondly, the traffic was stopped going the other direction. It would have been illegal for the car to stop in the intersection/over the mouth of the road.

    He was at an intersection.

    He wasn't blocking a lane, he didn't stop anyone. The car was stopped and he had every right to go through. Some jackass was too impatient to either wait or look ahead to what the traffic was doing infront of him and nearly wore it.
  17. Thank you, Lilley, for putting some rationality and balance into the discussion.

    There have been many discussions about similar situations on Netrider. Some of them involved the motorcyclist being hit, or hitting the turning vehicle. While there is no argument that the right turning vehicle is legally to blame (almost all the time), most of the time even motorcyclists agree that the motorcyclist was the cause of the accident, or near miss.

    The simple fact is that the motorcyclist in this case was travelling where no-one expected him to be, to the left of the left lane of traffic, and therefore no-one was looking for him there. He was also far less visible to a right hand turner as he was travelling behind a line of cars. Most of the time a right hand turner in this situation would need to start his turn in order to be able to see the motorcyclist. In other similar cases the incident occured because the motorcyclist was simply splitting fast between two lanes, and popped out into a gap someone was trying to use to turn off or onto the road.

    If you are splitting traffic, either in a dangerous place to the left of the left lane, or between lanes, and traffic is very slow or stopped, and a gap opens up in a lane ahead of ALWAYS expect someone to cross that gap with little or no notice. Sometimes it will be a lane jumper, sometimes it will be someone turning into or out of a side street. ALWAYS be prepared to stop before that gap, and if the gap is next to a side street, roll up to the gap at near zero Km/h, ready to stop immediately.

    Actually the fact that the motorcyclist stopped showed that he was being vigilant, and was probably completely aware of the risk he was taking. MR_PEA just got a fright when the incident happened.

    Some of you young pups (boy.racer) need to turn your head on before you start ranting about how bad other road users are, and think more about what you are doing, or the situation decribed. It will keep you alive, or whole, longer.

    Remember, we are invisible, and only you are responsible for your safety.
  18. Two things from the above.

    1. MR PEA was turning right and failed to give way to oncoming traffic.
    2. It is not illegal to pass stationary vehicles on the left.
  19. I get you. My beef was really about another issue entirely 8-[ (people making dangerous turns that inconvenience others), but this guy started off his story blaming the other party 100%, and I get sick of people not being able to see it from someone elses perspective on the road.

    EDIT: Maybe google streetview of the intersection in question would end the debate on whether or not it is a good idea to make a righty there.
  20. That you can't see that YOU are the cause of this situation is ridiculous.

    It is not the job of the driver to tell you you can go. You turned across traffic without looking properly, and as much noise as you make, you just end up making your self look increasingly idiotic.

    The rider was not committing an offence.