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You did what!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by wal88, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Hi I'm new here hence the post,

    I'm a 22 yo born in melbourne but now working as a fitter and turner and living in brisbane.

    I've been a fan of bikes for a long time mainly just looking and admiring when i was at hotrod shows ( im a mad traditional hotrod fan, so is my dad) but mainly due to living at home and mum and dad being anti road bike i never went much further down the path to bikes than looking.

    about 3 years ago i started going dirtbike riding with some mates and loved the freedom of straping round the bush tracks on a mates borrowed tt250.
    since then i have been seriously thinking bout geting my licence and a road bike.

    well i finaly did it in jan this year i went and did qride and got my open re licence i still havnt got a bike but one of my mates just upgraded and ive been for a few rides on his hyosoung gt250 ( i dont like that bike at all just feels crap)

    so im on the hunt for a cheepish road bike and im reacearching gear hopefully ill be out there having fun soon


  2. Hey Wal,

    Congrats on completing the course! Try teammoto and the "pro" shops around springwood.. pro-accessories. There's also Brisbane Motorcycles at Windsor. Alternatively try bikesales.com.au as well as tradingpost.com.au. I was surprised at how many bikes there are on tradingpost.

    You should be able to find yourself something decent via one of those methods :)

    Good luck with the hunt! Hope to see you on a group ride one day.
  3. Welcome Wal.
  4. Welcome to Netrider, and the mad, anti-social activity of motorcyling :LOL:.
  5. welcome in mate :)
  6. Welcome to NR Wal. Good luck on your hunt.
  7. thanks guys

    i've already got a few good prospects for a new ride. i'm going to test ride a few more different bikes first tho i want something im happy to ride not just something to do my L's time on, i figgure if im comfortable it will make the whole experiance more enjoyable.

  8. A nice mesh jacket should serve you well in Brisvegas throughout much of the year, with the warmer weather 'n all. :)

    Welcome to Netrider!