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You can't do that...can you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by maplegum, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Hubby and I went out for my 5th ride on the bike. Like always, I lead and hubby follows behind. I was travelling at 90kph in a 100kph zone in the right hand wheel track like I have been taught to do.

    I notice 2 bikes in my rear view mirror behind my husband. One of them overtook him correctly and then the other one overtook him on the inside! I could see these 2 bikes speeding up behind me and had a feeling that they would overtake me too. And that they did. One on the inside of me, one on the outside of me at the same time. My heart was pounding, even though I was expecting to be overtaken. I was displaying my 'L' plates too so I thought other riders would be considerate of learners.

    When my husband and I later stopped the bikes my husband was fuming. .... I'm just so glad that I had seen that one rider overtake my husband on the inside so I was prepared.....not prepared to be boxed in by 2 of them though!

    Other than that, I had a great ride! It would actually be nice to get out of the mountains and ride somewhere straight for a bit though. Doing all those bends and corners take so much out of me at this early stage.
  2. It happens.

    Good on you for watching your mirrors.

    You do NEED to watch your mirrors on the road.

    Better a couple of bikes than an idiot in a Ford Territory, or a sleepy truck driver... or the cops.
  3. Anyone overtaking on the inside (on the road) is a complete tosser. Two of them together is even worse - can't even share a brain between them.

    Glad you managed to see them before they put you in any more danger.
  4. They likely have a bully mentality. Bloody pathetic to treat a fellow biker, especially a learner, like this. They likely display similar traits in their face to face interactions elsewhere.

    Forgive, forget, keep on riding, but retain the lesson; always scan your mirrors.

    Even if you're blasting up the highway at 140-160, check those mirrors. There could always be someone doing 220.
  5. Thats so true, was doing 110-115 and passing most cars with ease in the right lane and then popped back into the 2nd lane from the right because there were no cars for a while only to be passed by another biker probably going in excess of 180-200km/h seconds later. Always scan the mirrors... as that biker scared the sh*t out of me as he flew past.
  6. I often pass other bikes on the inside. But then, im a tosser :p.
    Usually i hang back though, and give them chance to notice im about, then when they are holding a steady line i pass, keeping an eye on them in case they change their mind.
  7. I don't get it. Why don't you pass on the outside? I'm only learning so I don't even know if it is frowned upon but it sure didn't seem as if was the right thing to do.
  8. Apart from the fact that "undertaking" or overtaking on the outside, is illegal, its also rather stupid for a range of reasons
    Unfortunately humans in general are not known for their courtesy or respect, on or off the road - bikers, like the rest of humanity, have the good and the bad

    The group I ride with have a basic rule or two, on of those is, ride your own ride, and the guys coming up behind you, it's their job to overtake safely, not for you to go out of your way (especially if it puts you at risk) to make it easy for them to overtake (not withstanding basic common courtesy on the road)

    So Maplegum, ride your own ride, ride safe and within your limits... enjoy your time on the road and ignore the disrespectful bastards
  9. Sometimes there are double lines, other times just oncoming traffic. Sometimes it's just easier if they, like you were, are holding the right wheel track. Most people I've come across just sit kinda close at which point I give em room just so they don't crash into me (ie don't act like complete tools).
  10. Motorcycling attracts a lot of dumb thugs. I'm often more worried about bikes than cars when in the twisties.
  11. I had one of those "oh so considerate" overtaking moves done to me on the way to the Black Spur today.

    Myself & a friend were riding through some fairly easy twisties, he was in the lead & I was a short distance back riding my own ride, checking my mirrors when I was not in a corner.

    From out of nowhere a gsxr1000 roars past me (on the outside so that was ok), but as he does he gets the front wheel off the ground, from my point of view he came out of no-where, luckily I wasn't startled enough to swerve away or anything, but it was a bit cheeky.

    Spoke to my friend about it later & he mentioned he hadn't seen either him till he hurtled past me

    I don't think I was really holding him up at all, hell he wasn't behind me long enough for me to notice he was there & the roads were pretty clear, no issue with him passing me but I felt like the mono was a bit much..
  12. He was just wanting to provide some light entertainment for you...

    ...as for the topic, overtaking on the inside is daft. If people have a problem, and they can at any time, they will naturally pull over to the left hand side of the road. They're not going to be expecting you to be there, so if you undertake, you're only putting yourself in danger, as well as the person you're undertaking. Something to think about. If I ever caught or was made aware of someone undertaking someone, or myself, on one of my rides, I'd ask you to leave the ride in no uncertain terms.
  13. happens on the track all the time! :nopity:
  14. There's no "side" to a track....
  15. There's a reason why it's called "undertaking".

    Anyway, aside from the fact that it's dangerous it's also illegal.
  16. Undertaking on a multi lane road is perfectly legal, or if the car/bike/truck/whatever in front of you is turning.
    Is there a rule specific to bikes not undertaking another bike in the same lane? Ive never seen one...?!?
    Yes, i realise in this case it was a single lane road...

    Maple im not saying you did anything wrong... sounds like the guys in question were being rather stupid. Whose to say you wouldnt spot one (and not the other) in the mirror and move over, straight into the path of the other, with awful result. 8-[

    Im just trying to defend undertaking a bike in the same lane... as i dont see why its such a bad thing.
    As stated above its not always possible to overtake another bike. If i cant overtake said bike, and its safe to do so ill undertake (p.s. wont ever undertake a car unless they are turning - they just dont see you...).
    When bikes are closing from behind, try and gradually move to the left track to open the right side for them, but if in doubt for any reason - left it too late or anything like that, just hold your line, watch your mirrors, and let them sort themselves out ;).
    Unfortunately it sounds like you didnt get the opportunity in this case before they flew past in a bad move.
  17. Mr Messy, if it's a multi-lane road then it isn't "undertaking" as we're calling it here.

    And as you've pointed out the only time that, on a single lane road, you can pass a vehicle on its left is if it's turning right. (there have been discussions elsewhere on Netrider, about the technicalities of this and lane splitting. But that's another issue for another thread)

    What we are discussing here are two twats who scared the crap out of a learner rider, one who passed her supposedly legally, the other, definately illegally.
  18. Princess, i am discerning from your post that your hubby was following behind you also in the right hand wheel track... oh dear, what a silly sausage.
    I could be wrong?
    But if not, it would be safer for the pair of you to ride in a staggered formation when one is following the other.
    ie: when you are in the right wheel track, he is in the left and vice versa.
    This way he could also follow closer if need be, because if one needs to wipe of speed quickly, the other still has a safe out.
    and it would also help to avoid such incidents in future.

  19. Sweetie I adore sashaying up the inside at the track, if people leave the door ajar it would be darn right rude not to accept their invitation.
  20. You know what? I don't really recall what part of the lane my husband was riding on. He usually does ride in the opposite track to me but I find myself all over the road at times, always changing position. I change to the left track when approaching a crest in the road, then once over the crest, move back to the right track. Then I move to the left again if traffic is approaching in the opposite direction, then back to the right again once cleared. Back to changing sides again when approaching corners etc. I'm really all over the bloody road, but isn't that what I am supposed to do?? My poor husband has a hard time following my road position changes I'm sure of it.

    That's why I also thought it was kind of dumb that the rider shot up the inside of me...I'm all over the place. I didn't know which side of the lane to move to so I just remained where I was, on the right wheel track.

    Thank goodness for mirrors.