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You can't be serious

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeffco, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Reading the H/S on line and found this seriously didn't know wether to post here or in the joke thread.

    What price a life? Not much it appears.

    Fatal crash driver avoids immediate jail.

    A WOMAN who killed a motorcyclist by driving into his path on a country road northeast of Perth has been spared an immediate jail term.

    ROGER Streetfield died after 59-year-old Alexandria Mary Lee slowly turned right on a road between Toodyay and Northam into a truck stop in February last year, giving him no chance of avoiding a collision as he approached from the opposite direction.

    The District Court of Western Australia heard on Wednesday that Lee did not deliberately try to cut in front of Mr Streetfield and did not see him.

    However, she should have seen him as the weather was clear and the motorcycle's headlight was on.

    Lee was handed a two year jail term, suspended for 12 months, and had her drivers licence disqualified for two years and six months.
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  2. Do you think giving her a long gaol sentence would make the slightest difference to whether people see us or not. I doubt it. So that begs the question, what's to be gained ?
  3. Do you think no jail time is necessary for this type offence, how does this sentence help future riders, be it pedal or motor bike
  4. If she didn't see him, if it was an accident and she shows genuine signs of remorse, why lock her up?
    It's just another burden on tax payers, does nothing for their safety.
    The problem I see with this story is the licence suspension, she should be disqualified for life.
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  5. It doesn't help future riders at all, my point was more that locking her up doesn't either. It's a tough one and I can see why the judge suspended the sentence, he saw no benefit to anyone in locking her up.
    She has to live for the rest of her life knowing she was responsible for the death of another person, if she's at all normal that will be a heavy burden in itself.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not excusing her actions I just don't see what good locking her up would do for us as riders.
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  6. Tough gig all round, I think she is lucky to not be had up for at least negligent driving. Bet you a civil claim will follow though.

    Disqualified for a long period (2 yrs is a joke) would be more appropriate given there is no jail time.

    If I (God forbid) ever killed someone on the road through negligence I think I'd expect to be punished for it, not just have to live with it (which would be bad enough), but you can't get almost no punitive response when you've just snuffed out another human being.
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  7. Consequences, action reaction, call it what you like but she got lucky. It seems you don't need a lottery ticket to win big after all.
    As for the tax burden that's easily solved bring back the death penalty and shoot, hang, gas or electrocute the convicted murderers.
    I do like the lifetime driving ban

    Locking her up for a period of time would show their are consequence's to taking someone's life in an at fault motor vehicle accident.
    I bet she doesn't think about it much
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  8. agree
  9. I bet she does
  10. When? I bet when she's having Christmas dinner with the family she's doesn't even give him a thought, at the grand kids birthday nada, anniversary dinner, roger who?

    I bet the victims family remembers at every one of these events.
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  11. mate don't want to pick a fight
    but I recon she would think about it often
  12. Wont be fighting over it mate :] but I just don't think she's going to worry about it.

    All the worry stopped when the judge gave her the winning ticket, up until that point yep she's sh1t scared but not after.
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  13. as you get older you reflect more
  14. Sometimes
  15. I think usually
    she wont think about it 24/7
    but when she does she will more than likely feel pretty bad about herself
  16. As others have said it does no good to the community or the woman involved to have a custodial sentence. Vengeance is not Justice. We may like to think that a custodial sentence will shock the community into looking harder for motorcyclists but the truth is it won't. She should face a negligence charge though. The fact the police are charging riders in single vehicle accidents with negligence if she escapes that charge it would appear to bve patently unfair.

    She will need to apply to the court to recover her license is my understanding so it won't be an automatic thing. Will she think about this death, I agree with Greg she will, maybe not at the Family events that Jeffco says but at times when she is on her own, in the cold light of morning, she will consider the life she has taken.

    RIP: Fellow Rider. May the roads above be forever sunny, and winding with no police and no cage drivers.
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  17. Lifetime driving ban should be automatic to anyone proven to be at fault in a fatal road accident IMO.

    Driving is not a right, it's a privilege.
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  18. I wonder if she was made stand at a major Intersection with a front and rear placard draped over her shoulders saying "I killed a motorcyclist because I failed to see them" for X amount of time and for X amount of weeks, as a way to reduce a 10 year License suspension. It would surely help make other road users take extra care.
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  19. I think that says more about you than anything.
  20. Your right I probably give it as much thought as she does, but then again only one of us killed someone
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