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You can run, but you cannot hide from NETRIDER

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Fuzzy, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. I was browsing NR forums and decided to deviate a bit, so typed "naked vs fairing" in my google search bar... and guess what?? The first search result took me straight back to netrider :shock: My computer has been infiltrated, there's no escapin' :bolt:

    JK, youse all rock doods

  3. Ahhh, but you can only find your way here from page 3 of the search results when you look for harley bashing :p

    We're slipping people!
  4. Well I've been doing my bit attacking HD riders. Just ask Duhast. :LOL:

    What part of Gippsland are you from Fuzzy? I think you mentioned that you dont have a motor bike yet? I suppose that leaves you to be pillioned then.
  5. that poor guy who made my lap top is a cruiser rider and i gave him heeaaps for it.

    we agreed that the 2 were non comparable cause sports bikes r 4 sport and cruisers are 4 'sailing'.

    i bought him an xmas gift but he hasnt re-given me his postal address. [it vanished from my inbox 3 times!] how d hell does that happen?

    it's true, u can't escape nr. even if u don't know it exists and your name appears on a thead, you will be tracked down and here 4ever!


  6. Hey Smarteeee, I'm from West Gippsland and, yes, I'm bikeless. It's all good tho, I'm working on it :wink:

    D Stump - I was never the sporty type... come to think of it I was never the sailing type either :roll: Oh well...
  7. Well Fuzzy,

    I love cruising through the country roads and I try to do it most weekends.
    If Im in the area company on the back of the R6 is welcomed at times. If your game sharpen that pencil and tentively make a time.
  8. Gee Smarteeee, I dunno... are u the trustworthy type :wink: I suppose I could always bring my mace spray :p

    Thx for the offer, but not sure how my hubby would react to me riding off into the sunset on the back of a motorbike :grin:

    Prob look something like this --------> :shock: I"ll start warming him up to the idea.

    What type of a bike is an R6? Consider yourself a participant in the "Educating Fuzzy" project.
  9. lol, 3rd result -
    so according to google, harley's are gay.
  10.  Top
  11. *sings*
    you can run you can hide but cha can't escape our love!
  12. Group hugs all around. :LOL:


    I was aware you have a hubby from your intro in the welcome section. If hes ok with that.

    An R6 is a smaller capacity sports bike (600cc) which can do around 265 kmh. I wouldn't do that speed.
  13. :music: \:D/ Woo Hoo... Matty's singing... Fuzzy's dancing

    Smarteeee, I never doubted your intentions were anything but strictly honourable :wink: :grin: *panics at kind offer from NR and desperately throws hubby into the equation* Just kidding...

    By the way, what basic gear would i need to pillion. Helmet obviously.

    R6's look v cool, i checked out the pic in drew's post (thx drew). Oh, and Smarteeee, I care about what you don't care about if you care to tell me but i don't care if you don't :wink: Wow, too much caffeine :roll:
  14. There are so many bikes around it helps to know where to look to get examples of them..... I keep mistaking models....untill i get closer that is. So i have a few places to go look for pics and refresh the old memory banks.