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You bloody RIPPER ...little wins

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Den Monkey, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Ok so my replacement fenders arrived by mail this arvo.
    The ones on the bike when I got it were both cracked.
    Curse of the old disc lock i think.

    Anway so happy as a pig in shit to be taking the next step in getting me bike looking the way I want it, I head out to the shed to whack em on.

    In my previous effort so super glue the old fenders, I had to remove them and found thtat 2 of the bolts mount from the inside up near the rim of the tyre.
    Easy enough to get out but a pain in the arse to get back in.
    After strugglin with them I decided to leave them out.
    It is mounted in other places as well.

    Anyway I took the mudguard off chucked the new fenders on and decided to have another crack at these bolts to have it complete.
    The first one managed to slip in piece of piss but the other no matter which angle I tried to jimmy it in at, simply did not wanna go.
    I was near standing on my damn head at points to try and get the right angle.
    So with one in and the other refusing I decided to check the box of bits and pieces and low and belold I find an exact match which, is just a tad shorter.
    Right I said to myself I bet the thread isn't going to match....
    Well for a nice change it slips in and knocked up just right.

    At this point Im all like woohooo and givig myself high fives while sitting with my legs under the bike. As I go to drag my legs out from under the fairing I hear a familiar noise.
    This noise sounds like the something loose that I have been hearing everytime I pull up to a stop.
    Kinda like something moving around and rattly. I'd previously looked and tighted everything I could see and somethings I couldn't, yet when my foot hit the fairing I decided while I'm on my arse I'm going to find this bastard of a noise is if it kills me.

    So being the Mcguyver i am I decided to repeat the process and slap the bottom of my fairing in an attempt to replicate the noise.
    Well paint me pink and call me Susan if a heap of rocks and blue metal off the road didn't come flying out.
    A couple more whacks and I've got enough to lay me a new driveway.

    So a few more high fives and a victory lap of the shed later, I now have a pair of non-cracked fenders, mounted with all bolts might I add and no more farkin annoying God what the hell is that noise rattles.

    I guess more often than not I'm used to that one damned bolt that just won't come undone or have suffered too many cases of ping fcuk it when that spring loaded do-hicky lets go and flies across the shed floor into the darkest recesses of the known universe only to turn up once you have purchased a replacement which takes 2 weeks to find somewhere that supplies them and an additional 4 weeks to order in.

    1.....2.....3....4...5....6....7.....8.....9....10 phew ok

    Anyway it sure is nice to have something go my way for a change.

    Anyone feel like sharing similar experiences where either it went according to plan and you felt like the king of the mountain or where it was all going so right until..

  2. hey man nice work. its good when you can find (and keep!) the patiance to finish little nit picky things.
  3. Hi Susan. I'm guessing that some of that blue metal was what hit me in the face last Saturday near Bar Beach. :evil:

    Glad to see it all came together nicely. When do I get to inspect your handiwork?

    And that's his century. Doffs cap to the members stand, raises bat to the outer, receives pat on bum from batting partner and settles down to see out the next session of play... :cool:
  4. Yeah mate that would be my guess as to what it was.

    With this flodding thing its doin Im not overly keen for a big trip and Im working this weekend anyway.

    I've got it booked in next week and having a full service while its in there anyway... So weekend after sounds like a plan if you got time
  5. Congrats on having enough patience to deal with this niggly stuff, is what I say :shock:

    And congrats on reaching your ton, rourkster
  6. sounds like you had an eventful afternoon :) i also congratulate you for keeping your patience!

  7. Thanks shorty and yes well done Simon....sorry mate didnt even notice ya final comment in ya last post. Well I did but had no F(**in idea what it meant.

    Nice work