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You aint NO rider.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Went for a ride with a few friends last night. Left around 7:30.
    Dandenong-Dromana ( had pizza ), then off to Arthur's Seat.
    We got to Frakston around 10:30, where we decided to keep going.
    Headed up the esplanade, stopped a while in St Kilda before heading home. Arrived safely around 1:15am.
    I reached 6,000km of riding ( 6mths ). I should be pretty happy eh?
    Yeah.. COOL as long as I ride in a straight line :shock:
    My cornering sucks! No amount or reading, advice seem to do
    much good in my case, and I guess its cause I dont ride the twisties
    as often as I should. I found my cornering sloppy, constantly making corrections mid-corner making my lines staggerred, I dont lean/power on sufficiently or consistently ( partly cause I am afraid I guess). At one stage I did the 'target fixation' thing and almost ended up in the gravel on a right hander.

    Why am I posting this? :?
    I'd like to know if others had this much trouble when starting out.
    Is it cause 99% of my riding is commuting in traffic?
    I had visions of taking my wife for 'sunday rides' as a pillion once I'm off
    restrictions .. like fcuk ! :LOL:
    I am NO where NEAR being a capable rider, let alone having someone trust me with their life.
    Perhaps there is a local riding school I could attend that could help me get around a corner without looking like a drunk .

    ..not a happy camper :(
  2. Sorry to hear you're struggling.
    Remember the basics:
    Slower in faster out
    Look through the corner
    Don't grip to tight (bars)
    Grip with your knees

    Assuming tyres & suspension are ok
    Don't think you should be a Rossi and don't put to much pressure on yourself.
  3. Courses are always good to tune your skills.

    If you want to cut your teeth on learning to corner. Find a nice large round-a-bout in a not so busy suburb and practice doing 360's and entry / exit turns as smooth as possible.

    You should also learn how to look ahead of the bike (beyond the turn) so you can hold a constant circle around the island.

    As you get more confident. Try smaller or mini round-a-bouts, this will also help with your u-turning.

  4. You answer it yourself. Ride twisties every day :) Its good for the heart too! :D

    And also get an experienced rider to follow you in twisty stuff, I know I've learnt alot from comments of those riding behind.
  5. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks, it's just takes a bit longer sometimes. Why not see if one or two of the experienced Netriders in the area can take you on a few mentoring rides? You obviously want to learn; follow, watch, put into practise while they watch, debrief, do it again.....

    Do this and you'll be laughing about your post in six months time, I promise :).
  6. Don't stress too much - at least you're asking for help and not trying to be a hero and bluff your way through to the point where you have a major accident.

    Here's a little secret - everyone is a beginner at some point! I'm sure if you asked ANY of the experienced guys they'd probably have a story about doing something stupid.

    It's good that you're out and about and trying to get your riding experience up - but it sounds like now is the time to supplement your weekend riding with an advanced skills course. HART do them on a regular basis, and there's also the Rider Bros "Knee Down" course in Calder Park that is really good. A few of us went there and we all really enjoyed it.

    Also try and go on a few ride days that are posted here that you know will have some of the more experienced guys (I can PM you the ones I think are good) on it who will be willing to give you a few pointers. Every little bit helps.
  7. Mate, make a pace your overly comfortable with and stick to it,

    It might be a good thing for you to ride slow, alone late at night. There isnt much traffic and youl have more peace to concentrate on yourself with to get comfortable.

    Soldier on.
  8. GH may be free :LOL:
  9. ...er Propilot, playing on roundabouts is NOT recommended due to dropped oil and the fact that most roundabouts are OFF CAMBER. Like I already said in another similar response to this roundabout advice, the ONLY one I'd recommend is the roundabout on the Calder Hwy Mt Macedon exit... it's gigantic.

    VCM - you're at least better off than a total noob as you realise each corner should have one input and good throttle control. If you don't have good riding mentors in your riding buddies that understand the technology of cornering, then get yourself to courses.

    If you get to a California superbike school level 1 or an advanced Stay upright @ broadford, it'll be the best $400 you ever spend.
  10. :rofl: Post of the day :rofl:.

    meanwhile, back to the topic :oops:.
  11. I'm here in Langwarrin.

    Give me a hoy via PM.

    Alternately I can drop by your house given that I now know where you live from your video. :grin:
  12. The first time I rode tight twisties I thought I was going to crash and possibly die, thinking that riding a bike may not be for me after all :LOL: I really struggled, couldn't counter-steer properly (in fact I didn't get speed up to really feel it all day). I went back a few times by myself, and took it at my own pace, just building it up, until finally I ended up taking a right-hander at a speed where I could really feel the bike cornering. Still remember that pretty fondly, best feeling in the world.

    Find yourself a reasonably quiet twisty road, and do a few laps whenever you can. Relax, take it slow and just build it up. If you do it with other riders, make sure there's zero pressure to go at any particular pace.

    I'd take [FLUX] up on the offer.
  13. Heya,

    I've only just started out, but I recognise this as an area I need to practice heaps (I guess 7 weeks into it EVERY area need lots of work for me!!).

    I live in Frankston South and like to head down to Mornington and ride the esplanade down through Mt Martha to Dromana etc just to work on cornering - nice scenery too :)

    Sounds like you've got lot more experience than me - I'd be interested in tagging along for one of your rides sometime.

  14. Arthurs Seat is a very tricky set up and the first few times I tried it, it shot my confidence down. Keep on trying and also the superbike school would be cool,
  15. Try practicing early in the mornings rather than at night as it is hard to look through the turns in the dark.
  16. I agree with you. It is both very steep and very tight. That not to say that it can't be ridden quickly, but it really is one of the more technically challenging pieces of road around the Melbourne area with switchback after switchback, some off-camber, that climb so steeply that it makes it difficult to look through a corner far enough to see where the road is going.

    It's challenging enough as it is for experienced riders to develop any real measure of confidence on it, let alone attempting to develop one's cornering skills on it when approached from a beginner's point of view.

    In short - don't beat yourself up over lacking confidence on Arthur's Seat.

    An easier stretch of road to practise on in the Mornington Peninsula area is this one:

    Dunns Creek Road
  17. Good road that one, Dunns Creek just watch out for Sunday drivers!

    Arthurs Seat is now my test road for any new bike!
  18. I was in the same situation. I had done a lot of commuting but no twisties until last Xmas.

    Then I went for a weekend of riding through twisties with 2 experienced riders. What we did was have one experienced rider in front and one behind to look after me.

    I observed how the guy in front took each corner and tried to do similar things. During rest stops, I'd get some feedback from the guy behind me.

    By the end of it, I think it really improved my technique.
  19. Thanks for the advice and support guys, it helps not having to feel like a total useless noob :LOL:
    2Wheels: I remember them fine .. til I'm out there approaching a bend lol
    Pro-pilot: A course is deff on the cards this year
    Phizog: I just knew you were gonna say that :p and yep your right
    Paul: Whatdya mean "OLD" ?? :shock: hehe
    Claire: I'll always ask here, cause you guys have never steered me up the garden path ... YET :p
    Dario: I think I may have been trying to ride someone else's pace. I'm gonna go alone and slow this weekend.
    Rob: $400 :shock:
    TheYak: :nail: 'Death' was a consideration on one bend. As stated I'm now gonna go it alone and slow, then gradually build up.
    FLUX: I may take you up on your offer (Thanks)
    :LOL: :LOL: @video
    I have to meet up with the wife at somers on Sat, and thought . Hey I could go via Dunns Creek Rd !!
    titus: I know what i'm gonna spend my birthday money on :wink:
    tirian: Would be a pleasure ( you're only up the road ) will keep in contact :wink:
    matti-san & FLUX: I think perhaps Arthurs Seat was a little to BIG a challenge for a newbie eh .. I'd feel like shit if You guys were telling me it was a 'walk in the park' for a noob :oops:
    Bluexz14: Good Point ... it was getting dark thro dromana, and was deff night by the time we hit the twisties to Arthurs Seat
    Edster: I hope to say the same soon ;-)